Oracle Unveils AI Sales Boosting Features

Oracle has unveiled AI enhancements integrated into its Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience platform. Aimed at streamlining the sales process.

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oracle unveils ai sales boosting features

Oracle AI Enhancements

Oracle has unveiled a suite of new artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements integrated into its Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) platform. Aimed at streamlining the sales process, these advancements are designed to empower marketing and sales professionals, as well as customer service representatives, to expedite transaction completions.


By automating labor-intensive duties, the AI tools are set to enable teams to target and engage potential clients with greater accuracy and provide superior service, thereby boosting sales efficiency and velocity.

“AI is continuously proving its ability to enhance user experiences and we are only beginning to see what this technology can do for customer service, sales, and marketing,” said Katrina Gosek, vice president of product strategy, Oracle Cloud CX. “The new AI capabilities embedded within Oracle Cloud CX will enable organizations to enhance customer satisfaction and drive more sales by automating processes that enable marketing, sales, and service professionals to spend their quality time on more meaningful tasks while the technology is helping to engage and serve buyers in a more precise manner.”

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has recently been enhanced with advanced AI services, supporting a diverse range of over 50 generative AI applications within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. These applications are designed with a strong emphasis on safeguarding enterprise data, privacy, and security.


The OCI Generative AI Service ensures that customer data remains confidential, not shared with large language model providers, nor visible to other customers. Custom models are exclusively available to the customer they were trained for, bolstering data protection. Additionally, Oracle Fusion Applications have integrated role-based security measures that align content recommendations with user permissions.

The introduction of new AI functionalities in Oracle Cloud CX marks a significant expansion of the AI capabilities already present within Oracle Fusion Applications. These enhancements are poised to offer organizations a competitive edge, heightened productivity, and reduced operational costs. Among the newly introduced AI features are:

  • Gen AI-Assisted Answer Generation: This tool aids service agents by autonomously generating appropriate responses to customer inquiries, thereby improving response times and allowing agents to concentrate on more intricate issues.
  • Assisted Scheduling for Field Service: It assists field service technicians in optimizing their schedules by suggesting suitable jobs based on various factors, enhancing service productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Opportunity Identification: This feature supports marketers and sellers in identifying potential B2B opportunities and expanding account-based revenues by pinpointing the right contacts within target accounts.
  • Gen AI-Assisted Authoring for Marketing and Sales: It enables the rapid creation of engaging content for marketing and sales, thus expediting the deal cycle.
  • Seller Engagement Recommendations: This capability provides sellers with targeted recommendations to enhance buyer engagement and hasten the purchasing process.

These advancements reflect Oracle’s commitment to integrating AI into business operations, aiming to streamline processes and ensure a more efficient workflow.

“Service resources are finite so it is critical that organizations can predict, plan, and proactively activate the parts of service that can be automated. This would also free up time to be spent on more complex and business-critical tasks that only a human can complete,” said Aly Pinder, research vice president, of IDC. “The latest updates to Oracle Service are good examples of how AI and machine learning models can improve customer experiences and create the efficiencies needed for service workers to be more productive.” 


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