Pure Storage announces New Enhancements to its Partner Program

Pure Storage has unveiled updates to its partner program, providing increased value and performance to partners. Pure Storage stands as the sole storage vendor offering subscriptions exclusively through the channel.

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Pure Storage announced New Enhancements to its Partner Program

Pure Storage announced a revamped partner program.

Pure Storage has unveiled substantial updates to its resilient partner program, providing increased value and performance to partners, customized to fit their distinct business models. These improvements mirror Pure Storage’s service-oriented approach to empowering partners with new levels of scale, consistency, and preference. Notably, Pure Storage stands as the sole storage vendor offering subscriptions exclusively through the channel.


The capacity to embrace the subscription economy is progressively shaping the success of businesses across various sectors. Customers are choosing to pay incrementally over time in response to the influence of new technology adoption on their infrastructure requirements. Remarkably, subscription services presently contribute to nearly half of Pure Storage’s revenue.

Considering the company's expansion in subscriptions, along with the recent enhancements to the partner program, Pure Storage stands in a unique position to bolster partners’ business expansion in the as-a-service era.

Recently at the press briefing about the New partner program enhancements, Jithesh Chembil, Head of Channels, India at Pure Storage, described the program, “Our partner program is very simple. If you look at, we have only 2 categories of partners, one is preferred and the other is elite. Every partner new partner coming into pure enters into a preferred category. And there's a certain criterion on preferred. Once they they successfully achieve those criteria they move to the next level of elite. So that's the basic idea of our partner program. It's very simple. It's not complicated. We don't have multiple levels, only 2 levels. And that's where we do it. But when we look at it from a business climate perspective of 2024. There's been a lot of changes in the industry. That's what we we looking at.”


Pure Storage has synchronized partner feedback, customer requirements, and its corporate strategy to ensure ongoing innovation within the Partner Program. The program's evolution prioritizes augmenting partner profitability, enhancing automation, developing advanced tools, and fostering partner empowerment to actively propel the growth of their enterprises. The updates encompass:

Evolved Predictable Programmatic Pricing Model for Partners: Pure Storage is introducing a novel pricing model framework aimed at offering partners a straightforward Product and Service MSRP, along with programmatic discounting structured around partner type, tier, and deal registrations.

Power to Provide Quotes Independently: The latest enhancements to Pure Storage's current quote configuration, pricing model, and tools will empower partners through automation. This enables them to independently perform configurations and generate quotes, alongside backend electronic data exchange (EDI) integration for seamless order placement.


Simplified Auditing and Reporting: Pure Storage will update its Salesforce reporting experience, Partner dashboard, and recruiting & onboarding tools, providing partners with a more unified experience across the platform.

Enhanced Partner Intelligence Tools: Pure Storage is unveiling a Partner intelligence dashboard that grants Partners visibility into all their interactions with Pure Storage and customers, encompassing current business and pipeline. Additionally, the dashboard offers guided proactive recommendations on upgrade, upsell, and renewal opportunities.

Some of the key executive insights about the Pure Storage Partner Program -


“As a service-led company, we are proud of our industry-leading subscription services and our partner-led approach. Pure Storage has been 100 percent channel-led since its founding, and we recognize the pivotal roles our partners play in delivering innovative storage solutions to customers worldwide. With this next evolution, we aim to empower our partners to drive more value and impact in the as-a-service economy as they meet the dynamic global technology needs of today.” Wendy Stusrud, VP, Global Partner Sales, Pure Storage.

"We are thrilled to unveil our new Partner Program tailored specifically for the subscription economy. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the as-a-service era, this initiative underscores Pure Storage's commitment to fostering even greater collaboration and enabling new levels of scale, consistency, and empowerment for partners.”Jithesh Chembil, Head of Channels, India, Pure Storage

"As a proud partner of Pure Storage, we are enthusiastic about the Partner Program crafted for the subscription economy. The program not only amplifies our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions but also paves the way for a future where our clients can seamlessly navigate the subscription-based paradigm. At the outset, this allows more flexibility and at the same time offers companies that are looking to lower the amount of investments into an OpEx model. We look forward to leveraging this program to unlock new possibilities and deliver unmatched value to our customers in India."   Avinash Joshi, CEO, NTT India Private Limited

Jithesh Chembil, Head of Channels, India, Pure Storage shared with DQ Channels how this new enhancement in the Pure Storage Partner Program would help to expand the partner base in the upcoming years, “The existing partners in the Preferred category would want to get upgraded to Elite category as that will increase their overall benefits. That creates space for other partners. So that is how we grow the base. We want partners to come in because, as I said, we don't want to increase the number drastically. We want partners to come in because of the kind of benefits they see why selling pure, because of the kind of technology that we bring in, and also from the partner benefits that they have so that is where the progression happens.

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