Pure Storage Innovates to Keep Pace with AI and Ransomware

Pure Storage revealed new capabilities in the Pure Storage platform. It aims to help IT and business leaders deploy AI, improve cyber resilience, and update applications.

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Pure Storage Innovates to Keep Pace with AI and Ransomware

Pure Storage announced new capabilities in the Pure Storage Platform

Pure Storage, a provider of advanced data storage technologies and services announced new capabilities in the Pure Storage platform. These enhancements aim to help IT and business leaders deploy AI, improve cyber resilience, and modernize applications.


The increasing use of AI by cyber criminals has heightened the frequency and impact of cyber attacks, especially ransomware. Existing IT infrastructure often lacks the flexibility to adapt to the rapid changes needed to protect data and ensure swift recovery.

The Pure Storage platform addresses these challenges by offering a simple, consistent storage solution with an as-a-service experience across on-premises, public cloud, and hosted environments. The Evergreen architecture at the core of the platform provides continuous, non-disruptive upgrades, enabling enterprises to adapt to dynamic business environments. With numerous concurrent SLAs, the platform ensures reliability, performance, and sustainability for businesses. 

“Pure is redefining enterprise storage with a single, unified data storage platform that can address virtually all enterprise storage needs including the most pressing challenges and opportunities IT leaders face today, like AI and cyber resilience. The Pure Storage platform delivers unparalleled consistency, resilience, and SLA-guaranteed data storage services, reducing costs and uncertainty in an increasingly complex business landscape.” said, Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO, of Pure Storage.


Pure Storage has announced two new capabilities:

Storage Automation with Pure Fusion: Pure Fusion unifies arrays and optimizes storage pools across structured and unstructured data, both on-premises and in the cloud. Now fully integrated into the Purity operating environment, which improves over time through non-disruptive upgrades, the next generation of Pure Fusion will be available to all global customers across the entire Pure Storage platform.

Generative AI Copilot for Storage: Pure Storage introduces the first AI copilot for storage, offering a new way to manage and protect data using natural language. This tool leverages data insights from tens of thousands of Pure Storage customers to assist storage teams in investigating complex performance and management issues and proactively addressing security incidents. 


Pure Storage is advancing AI success in enterprises with innovations:

Evergreen//One for AI: Introducing the first Purpose-Built AI Storage-as-a-Service, providing guaranteed storage performance for GPUs supporting training, inference, and HPC workloads. This innovation allows organizations to subscribe to capacity and purchase based on dynamic performance and throughput needs, eliminating the complexity of infrastructure planning and overbuying.

Secure Application Workspaces: Integrating Kubernetes container management, secure multi-tenancy, and policy governance tools to facilitate advanced data integrations between enterprise mission-critical data and AI clusters. This approach ensures transparent storage infrastructure for application owners, enabling automated access to AI innovations while maintaining security, independence, and control.


Pure Storage plans to expand enterprise AI adoption through certification for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD by the end of 2024. Already certified for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and OVX validation, Pure's Ethernet-based storage solution simplifies integration and deployment of large-scale training and inference, making AI more accessible to enterprises.

Additionally, Pure Storage offers industry-leading energy efficiency, consuming up to 85% less energy than alternative all-flash storage solutions, which helps overcome data center power constraints in large AI clusters.

“Enterprises adopting AI need storage performance and flexibility as they architect their infrastructure to address AI workloads at scale. Pure Storage’s certification with the NVIDIA DGX and OVX platforms helps deliver highly-performant solutions for customers at every stage of their AI journey.”  said, Charlie Boyle, Vice President of DGX Platform, NVIDIA.


Pure Storage introduced new cyber resiliency services and capabilities at Pure//Accelerate, enhancing their existing offerings:

Enhanced Cyber Recovery and Resilience SLA: Expanding beyond ransomware recovery, Evergreen//One now covers disaster recovery scenarios. This enhanced SLA provides a customized recovery plan, timely deployment of clean service infrastructure within a defined SLA, onsite installation, and additional professional services for seamless data transfer. Pure Storage collaborates with organizations to develop and maintain comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, including quarterly reviews for best practices adherence, ongoing risk assessments, and security remediation. This ensures rapid restoration of operations in the event of disruptive incidents.

New Security Assessment: Offering deep insights into fleet-level security risks, this assessment provides actionable recommendations to bolster cyber resilience. Based on aggregated data from over 10,000 environments, it assigns numerical scores from 0 to 5 to benchmark the security posture of the entire storage fleet.


The assessment aligns with NIST 2.0 standards, enhances regulatory compliance, identifies security anomalies, and facilitates swift operational recovery from security events. The AI co-pilot leverages these assessments to provide Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) visibility into security posture benchmarking against peers.

New AI-Powered Anomaly Detection Enhancement: Detecting threats such as ransomware attacks, malicious behavior, and Denial of Service attacks through performance anomalies. This enhancement builds on existing ransomware detection by utilizing multiple machine-learning models to analyze historical data for abnormal patterns in performance and user behavior. By identifying the last known good snapshot copy, customers can mitigate operational impact and reduce recovery time, enhancing data protection.

In today's competitive IT landscape, agility is crucial. Pure Storage distinguishes itself as the only Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solution offering scalable flexibility. Their latest innovations include:


New Site Rebalance SLA: Evergreen//One Site Rebalance SLA enables organizations to adjust reserve commitments as storage needs evolve. This flexibility allows reallocating capacity across sites, consolidating data centers, or optimizing performance without being tied to fixed configurations. Organizations can rebalance reserve commitments annually per Evergreen//One subscription, adapting swiftly to changing business requirements. 

As Pure Storage continues to revolutionize enterprise data storage, our mission remains: to provide a simple, flexible, and resilient as-a-service storage platform that not only addresses current data and storage management needs but mitigates future risk and uncertainty. Through continuously improving services and the broadest set of outcome-driven SLAs, Pure is the only data storage platform future-proofed for innovation.” said, Prakash Darji, GM, of Digital Experience, Pure Storage.


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