ServiceNow and Genesys form Strategic Partnership

ServiceNow and Genesys announced a partnership at the Knowledge 2024 event. This involves integrating the Genesys Cloud platform with ServiceNow Customer Service Management.

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ServiceNow and Genesys partners

ServiceNow and Genesys have announced a strategic partnership at the Knowledge 2024 event. This collaboration involves integrating the Genesys Cloud platform with ServiceNow Customer Service Management to create a solution named Unified Experience from Genesys and ServiceNow.


The solution combines AI, automation, and digital features from both companies. It aims to streamline customer service operations by providing a unified desktop interface, centralizing communication routing, and enhancing workforce management. The goal is to improve customer interactions and simplify the work processes for employees.

“Many companies prioritize customer engagement yet overlook the crucial aspect of fulfilling a customer’s request efficiently,” said John Ball, senior vice president and general manager, of customer and industry workflows at ServiceNow. “Bringing together the deep expertise of Genesys in experience orchestration with ServiceNow Customer Service Management offers organizations a turnkey, intelligent solution that connects customer engagement with middle- and back-office operations.”

“With an AI-powered solution that connects data, systems, employees, and communication channels to create a 360-degree view of the customer experience,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer, of Genesys. “By partnering with ServiceNow, Genesys is advancing its Experience as a Service vision, making it easier for organizations to connect and orchestrate data across systems. Through a native integration between Genesys Cloud and ServiceNow Customer Service Management, organizations can break down silos, improve employee collaboration and productivity, and their customer relationships.”


A new solution is set to launch later this year, aiming to integrate employees across various office roles, centralize interactions and workflow, and enhance workforce management and customer experiences using AI. This solution will:

  • Provide a unified workspace within ServiceNow CSM for agents, combining data and tools necessary for customer engagement across multiple channels. AI-driven recommendations will assist in addressing customer needs. Additionally, a comprehensive view of schedules, performance metrics, and training resources will support rapid onboarding and skill development for contact center staff.
  • Utilize Genesys Cloud’s AI capabilities for orchestrating experiences, aiming to consolidate interaction and workflow routing. This integration will span employees, bots, channels, and systems, aiming to improve both automated and assisted customer interactions. ServiceNow’s AI platform will reportedly support this by connecting different office functions through automated workflows, thereby aiding agents in resolving customer issues.
  • Enhance the monitoring and management of workforce engagement and customer journeys. The integrated solution, supported by unified and accessible data platforms, will offer organizations real-time insights for data-informed decision-making. Supervisors will be able to optimize staffing and scheduling processes, boosting employee productivity.

 “The partnership between ServiceNow and Genesys will accelerate efficiency, and elevate customer service and support in the contact center while lowering the ongoing costs,” said Rebecca Wettemann, CEO and principal analyst, Valoir. “The collaboration is a step toward delivering on the entire end-to-end customer journey by connecting front-office interactions to back-office processes, allowing businesses to streamline service operations, lower costs, and reduce customer effort.”



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