Sophos Introduces New Partner Care Offering for Channel Partners

Sophos launches a new partner care offering to enhance channel commitment. It aims to accelerate the response time for Partners and MSPs. It prioritizes sales and ensures customer security.

Bharti Trehan
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Sophos Introduces New Partner Care Offering for Channel Partners

Sophos New Partner Care Program

The new offering from Sophos aims to accelerate response times for partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seeking support with administrative and operational tasks. This initiative enables them to prioritize sales and ensure customer security by leveraging Sophos' range of managed services and solutions including endpoint, network, email, and cloud security.


By streamlining assistance processes, partners can allocate more time to core business activities, enhancing their ability to meet client needs effectively and efficiently within the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

 “Based on our decades of experience successfully supporting partners who sell to mid-market and small business organizations, we know that administrative and operational issues take away valuable time needed to build customers relationships, pursue prospects, and close new business deals,” said Kendra Krause, senior vice president of global channels and small business sales at Sophos. “Partner Care reinforces Sophos’ longstanding strategy to be ‘channel-best,’ which is our commitment to provide partners with optimal, conflict-free revenue and profitability opportunities, curated training and support, and advanced security solutions that defend customers from data breaches, ransomware, and other debilitating cyberattacks.”

Sophos Partner Care provides partners with a centralized hub for various tasks, including quoting, navigating the partner portal, handling licensing queries, managing Not For Resale (NFR) requests, and more. This comprehensive service streamlines partner interactions, allowing them to efficiently address the needs of small and mid-market organizations.


By offering a single point of contact, Sophos enables partners to enhance their productivity and profitability. Partners can focus more on crucial business aspects, such as client relationships and service delivery, without the burden of managing multiple channels for support and inquiries.

This initiative underscores Sophos' commitment to empowering its partners and facilitating smoother operations within the channel ecosystem. By optimizing support processes and providing dedicated assistance, Sophos strives to create a conducive environment for partners to thrive and succeed in their endeavors.

 “Being busy with administration can consume a lot of time and cost, so the idea that Sophos now has a focused Partner Care program and dedicated team to handle it is unbelievably beneficial,” said Richard Wenger, account executive, Point Broadband LLC, a Sophos channel partner based in Alabama. “We are looking forward to the training and enablement of the ‘tool,’ so we can start executing right away. Every bit of time away from the sales cycle is time away from building relationships and being trusted advisors to our customers. This Sophos Partner Care program is essential to my business.”


Alongside Partner Care, Sophos introduces several enhancements to its worldwide partner program. These include an extra 5% reward added to the deal registration discount for partners marketing Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This offer is valid until March 31, 2024.

Sophos assists partners and MSPs by providing real-time and historical threat intelligence through its Sophos X-Ops unit. This unit comprises over 500 cybersecurity experts globally, delivering valuable insights into critical industry issues. Partners and MSPs benefit from Sophos X-Ops' intelligence, enabling them to confidently address customer inquiries regarding the latest ransomware, vulnerabilities, and cyber attacks.

For instance, Sophos recently discussed the resurgence of Qakbot following law enforcement's disruption of its infrastructure in August 2023. With Sophos' insights into such threats, partners, and MSPs can remain vigilant against suspicious activities, reassuring customers with updated detections and proactive security measures from Sophos products and services.

Sophos recently integrated Veeam into its Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, aiming to streamline diverse technologies within customers' environments.

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