Synechron Launches Synechron Nexus Plus an AI Accelerators Programme

Synechron Launches Synechron Nexus Plus an AI Accelerators Programme to scale business Growth of large and small enterprises by using the emerging tech of AI

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Synechron, a digital transformation consulting company, has announces the launch of its  Synechron Nexus Plus Accelerators Programme. This features five AI-led solutions engineered to tackle some of the most pressing business and operational challenges faced by corporates today, ensuring significant advancements in capital raising, corporate development, and public ownership.


The Synechron Nexus Plus suite is their 13th Accelerators Programme, all of which aim to reflect the company’s commitment to client-driven progress and operational excellence. With over a decade of AI expertise and an impressive tally of numerous prestigious industry awards in the innovation space, Synechron consistently demonstrates its dedication to transforming business processes through intelligent automation and advanced technology.


Faisal Husain, Synechron’s Co-founder and CEO, said of the launch of the Synechron Nexus Plus Accelerators Program, “This initiative directly addresses the specific needs of our clients, enhancing efficiency and positioning them for market leadership. With Synechron Nexus Plus, we’re equipped to support our clients in the next stages of their growth and our continued client-first mentality ensures that our work drives real value.”


Sandeep Kumar, Head of FinLabs, added, “We’re constantly working on new ways to contribute to our clients’ success, helping them meet their current needs as well as anticipate future uses of AI. We’re dedicated to driving adoption of AI and providing building blocks to our clients in their innovation journey.”

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