UiPath & Google Cloud: Expanding Partnership for Gen AI & Cloud Automation

UiPath and Google Cloud have recently declared a collaboration to broaden customers' capacity to change their enterprises with AI-driven automation.

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UiPath & Google Cloud Expanding Strategic Partnership for Gen AI & Cloud Automation

UiPath and Google Cloud announce partnership.

UiPath, an automation and AI software company, and Google Cloud have recently declared an enhanced collaboration to broaden customers' capacity to revolutionize their enterprises with AI-driven automation. As a prominent partner of Google Cloud, UiPath is presently accessible on Google Cloud Marketplace, streamlining the process for Google Cloud customers to acquire the top-tier UiPath Business Automation Platform and effectively implement and expand their automation endeavors on Google Cloud infrastructure.


UiPath is extending its collaboration with Google Cloud to assist customers in advancing their AI-driven automation endeavors, integrating seamlessly with Google Cloud's Vertex AI and Google Workspace business collaboration solutions.

“UiPath automation brings AI directly into business processes to help enterprises execute whatever ideas and innovations they can imagine. Our partnership with Google Cloud is an essential part of our strategy to help joint customers achieve AI-powered automation across the business,” said Kelly Ducourty, Chief Customer Officer at UiPath. “This expanded partnership reinforces our shared mission to bring the transformative force of AI to life in the enterprise through advanced technologies that automate all knowledge work, integrate intelligence into everyday operations, and deliver solutions that help people work smarter.”

“Generative AI and automation are key pillars to business transformation because they allow enterprises to work more productively, whilst also uncovering new insights to fuel growth,” said Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Go to Market, Google Cloud. “Our expanding partnership with UiPath will help create new opportunities for businesses to utilize these capabilities to streamline thousands of processes with AI and automation, helping to save costs and unlock new innovation.”


Integration with Google AI

UiPath has recently introduced its connector tailored for Google Cloud Vertex AI, the unified AI platform from Google Cloud. This connector empowers automation professionals to integrate Gen AI outputs into their automation effortlessly. By submitting prompts, users can retrieve summaries, answers to inquiries, and classifications. Through this connector, users gain the following capabilities:

  • Gain access to carefully selected activities for the PaLM 2 large language model (LLM), including text generation capabilities.
  • Effortlessly construct, deploy, and oversee ML models while ensuring swift, cost-efficient predictions. UiPath clients can seamlessly integrate machine learning models developed with Vertex AI into their business operations, eliminating the necessity for manual intervention and intricate coding.
  • Allow the integration of Google Vertex activities within UiPath Studio to create automation capable of interacting with Google Vertex data seamlessly.

In addition, UiPath customers can effortlessly integrate:

Google Vision - Use a prebuilt UiPath connector for incorporating business insights derived from images and videos. The Google Vision Connector encapsulates powerful machine learning models through an easy-to-use REST API.

Google Text Translate: translate a specified text from one selected language to another and extract the results as a String variable.


Google Text Translate: extract the language of specific text enabling insights into sentiment analysis. Sentiment is measured by strength, positivity, and negativity, and typically, can be automated to alert sales teams and message customers.

UiPath is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

The UiPath Platform merges Specialized AI and Gen AI with enterprise automation, machine learning, and natural language processing capabilities. By combining Gen AI with specially trained models crafted from actual business data, automation gains the ability to comprehend, analyze, and generate content to tackle intricate business issues effectively.


As an aspect of the extended collaboration, UiPath is now accessible on Google Cloud Marketplace, simplifying the process for customers utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure to acquire UiPath’s premier business automation platform. With UiPath featured on Google Cloud Marketplace, eligible customers can access significant advantages, including:

  • Unified Google Cloud billing.
  • Decreased procurement cycles enabling quicker, smoother, and more streamlined purchasing procedures.
  • Savings in costs compared to current Google Cloud commitments when acquired through Google Cloud Marketplace.

Manage and Deploy on Google Cloud


Google Cloud offers secure storage, robust computing capabilities, and scalable resources. Presently, customers can swiftly deploy UiPath Studio and its automation on Google Cloud within minutes.

IT departments can effortlessly automate processes associated with the provisioning, management, and upkeep of virtual machine instances hosted on Google Cloud, including compute, storage, and identity and access management functionalities.

Google Workspace Integration


UiPath provides customers with top-tier, API-based connectors that support over 100 Google Cloud and Google Workspace integration activities. These user-friendly activities notably enhance workflow productivity for citizen developers integrating Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive into their automation processes. Through these integrations, customers gain the ability to:

  •  Automate creating events and adding or removing attendees.
  • Automate sharing, moving, or deleting files and update file permissions.
  • Automate everyday tasks like emailing, creating documents, copy/paste files, and batch spreadsheet updates

Insights Powered by Google Cloud Looker

UiPath acquires robust business insights through its utilization of Google Cloud Looker, enabling access, analysis, and action upon real-time and reliable business data. Leveraging Looker Studio, UiPath visualizes data sourced from numerous channels, consolidating intelligence to facilitate quicker decision-making and self-service insights.

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