UiPath Announces New Platform Features integrated with GenAI

UiPath Announces New Platform Features integrated with GenAI for developers and testers to enable enhanced efficiency in work in organisations

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UiPath Announces New Platform Features integrated with GenAI (1)

UiPath an enterprise automation and AI software company, recently announced several new features in its platform which infuse GenAI deeply into the UiPath Business Automation Platform to help businesses achieve greater outcomes with AI and automation. UiPath showcased its latest capabilities at UiPath on Tour London: AI at Work summit on July 2 at the InterContinental London.


 UiPath Autopilot for developers and testers

 In the digital enterprise, rapid development and testing speeds are a top priority. UiPath delivers on the promise of AI-powered productivity with the release of UiPath Autopilot™ for developers and testers. 

  • UiPath Autopilot for developers uses the power of GenAI and natural language processing (NLP) in UiPath Studio to create workflows, generate expressions, and help build automations. With an over 70% acceptance rate, Autopilot for developers text to workflow is making things easier for less experienced developers and speeding up scaffolding for experienced developers. It delivers - 
  • Text to workflow: developers can simply describe an automation idea in natural language, and Autopilot will create the initial workflow.
  • Text to expressions: with Autopilot, developers no longer need to remember the exact syntax and structure of expressions. They can describe what they need in natural language and allow AI to generate the correct expression.
  • Text to code: generate code from natural language descriptions to shorten time to deployment for automation projects.
  • PDF form, text, or image to UiPath Apps: in UiPath Apps, Autopilot enables developers to quickly create a new app—either from a PDF file or from an image of a paper form.

UiPath Autopilot for testers accelerates every aspect of software testing by leveraging GenAI to refine and improve requirements, generate step-by-step tests from those requirements, and uses those tests to create coded automations. It provides -

  • Quality checks: Autopilot analyzes and evaluates requirements to ensure they are clear, consistent, and complete.
  • Test design: from those requirements and supporting docs, Autopilot generates manual tests with step-by-step instructions.
  • Test automation: Autopilot converts any text, such as manual tests, into automated tests in UiPath Studio with little to no effort.
  • Test insights: Autopilot provides real-time, actionable insights into the test case portfolio to offer continuous improvement.  

UiPath plugin and integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Now in preview, the integration enables joint customers to automate end-to-end business processes with co-workers directly within Microsoft Teams. Customers will have access to a prebuilt automation library to run automations that complete common, repetitive tasks, along with specialized automations for function- or industry-specific tasks. Users can also discover and run automations their company has developed.

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