Virtusa Enhances Business Solutions Through Acquisition of BRIGHT

Virtusa Corporation announced the extension of its business solutions portfolio by acquiring BRIGHT, a major partner to ServiceNow & Splunk in EMEA.

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Virtusa Enhances Business Solutions Through Acquisition of BRIGHT

Virtusa acquires BRIGHT

Virtusa Corporation has unveiled an extension of its business solutions portfolio by acquiring BRIGHT, a prominent partner to ServiceNow & Splunk in EMEA. This strategic move aims to empower Virtusa in offering enhanced business solutions to its current clientele while also facilitating the expansion of its European footprint.


With BRIGHT's expertise and market position, Virtusa is poised to strengthen its presence and capabilities in delivering impactful services across diverse sectors. The acquisition signals Virtusa's commitment to meeting evolving client needs and solidifying its position as a key player in the realm of business solutions.

BRIGHT boasts a varied team of ServiceNow and Splunk specialists with a demonstrated history of crafting digitalization, security, observability, SecOps, and AI & ML analytics solutions, driving transformative change for prominent global enterprises.

Their comprehensive delivery model, encompassing consultancy, design, implementation, support, and ongoing enhancement, empowers them to surpass conventional offerings and develop tailored solutions, ensuring seamless digital journeys. With a relentless focus on excellence, BRIGHT leverages its expertise to deliver bespoke solutions that elevate digital experiences, setting a high standard for enterprise innovation and efficiency in an ever-evolving landscape.


"The synergies between our team's end-to-end approach, our focus on innovation, and our commitment to becoming an extension of our client's teams will solidify us as the partner of choice for digital transformation initiatives powered by Splunk and ServiceNow," said Santosh Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Virtusa.  

The collaboration between Virtusa and BRIGHT guarantees optimal utilization of ServiceNow and Splunk investments for organizations. Grounded in Virtusa's Engineering First methodology, this alliance empowers clients to harness cutting-edge technology efficiently, streamline operations, address complex business hurdles, and realize ambitious transformations.

With a focus on maximizing value, this partnership enables clients to leverage top-tier technology solutions to drive operational efficiency and overcome key business obstacles, reinforcing Virtusa and BRIGHT's commitment to facilitating impactful and sustainable innovation in today's dynamic business landscape.


"BRIGHT was looking for a strategic partner to speed up its growth in Europe, and I am positive that joining forces with Virtusa will bring joint opportunities to scale. With our shared values on innovation, trust, and delivering high-quality solutions, I am sure we can make a positive impact on our customers' business," said Angel Kanchev, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner at BRIGHT.

Acquiring BRIGHT amplifies Virtusa's service portfolio and expertise in ServiceNow and Splunk, notably bolstering its presence in Europe. BRIGHT excels in legacy to ServiceNow transformation, SecOps, and observability domains, offering diverse capabilities across ServiceNow products.

Their innovative, industry-aligned solutions align seamlessly with Virtusa's vision to develop domain and business-centric offerings. Through unified thought leadership and a platform-centric ethos, this collaboration promises cutting-edge solutions tailored to client needs. By leveraging the synergies between Virtusa and BRIGHT, clients can anticipate state-of-the-art solutions that address evolving business challenges and drive sustainable growth.

This strategic partnership underscores Virtusa's commitment to delivering unparalleled value and innovation, positioning it as a leader in the dynamic landscape of digital transformation and enterprise solutions.

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