WSO2 Expands India Presence for Global Support

WSO2 Inc. is widening its impression in India. They have inaugurated a new office in Bengaluru under the name 'WSO2 India (Private) Ltd.' The company's vision is to support its service and support capabilities for its global clientele.

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WSO2 Expands India Presence for Global Support

WSO2 expansion in India

WSO2 Inc., an independent software vendor specializing in open-source API management, integration, and identity and access management (IAM) products, along with internal developer platform technologies, is broadening its footprint in India. This expansion sees the inauguration of a new office in Bengaluru under the name 'WSO2 India (Private) Ltd.' It aligns with the company's strategic vision to bolster its service and support capabilities for its global clientele, complementing existing teams in Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, UK, and the UAE.


Alok Bardiya, appointed as Senior Vice President - Head of Corporate Development, will spearhead operations in India. His mandate encompasses driving the growth trajectory of WSO2's Indian operations in the forthcoming years. The decision to establish a presence in Bengaluru underscores the city's significance as a thriving technology hub, offering access to a rich pool of talent and fostering innovation and collaboration.

With its expanded presence, WSO2 aims to leverage the diverse expertise and resources available in India to further enhance its offerings and better serve its customers worldwide. By tapping into the vibrant tech ecosystem and nurturing strategic partnerships, the company seeks to strengthen its position as a global leader in API management, integration, IAM, and developer platform technologies.

WSO2's commitment to India reflects its recognition of the country's growing importance in the global tech landscape. By establishing a local presence, the company not only demonstrates its dedication to providing top-notch service but also underscores its confidence in India's potential as a key market and innovation hub in the years to come.


The India office will act as a pivotal hub, fostering collaboration and synergy among WSO2's teams. Through the promotion of cross-functional cooperation, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices, the company seeks to leverage the collective expertise of its diverse workforce, driving continuous improvement and delivering enhanced value to its customers. Establishing a local presence in India will further bolster partnerships with Tech Mahindra and LTI Mindtree, facilitating enhanced collaborative efforts aimed at expanding WSO2's customer base in both India and the broader Asia Pacific region.

Sharing his perspective on the company’s expansion plans, Ruwan Linton, senior vice president and chief customer officer, of WSO2, said, “India is an important market for us from a global perspective. To deliver better service and support, we are strategically moving a segment of our team to India, enabling us to strengthen our global presence and better serve our growing customer base. A significant portion of our existing customers operate from various parts of India and the presence of a local team will help us provide improved customer service.”

“This expansion aligns with our broader goals and strategies, allowing us to meet customer expectations and drive success for our clients and our company,” said Alok Bardiya - senior vice president and head of corporate development, at WSO2. “Our presence in India brings an exciting opportunity to engage with local talent and create meaningful employment opportunities. To nurture talent and foster growth within the communities we operate in, we will be looking at expanding our employee base in India by the end of this year.”

WSO2's India office will promote engagement with local communities and businesses while facilitating cross-functional collaboration and knowledge exchange. By forging partnerships with educational institutions and organizations, WSO2 seeks to actively contribute to knowledge dissemination, foster innovation, and promote skill development in fields aligned with its technology stack.

“Niche partnerships focused primarily on integration combined with identity and access management is enterprises' need of the hour today. We look forward to a long-term future with WSO2, and their expansion in India will help us strengthen our partnership further,” said Dinesh Kumar S, head - of enterprise digital solutions at Tech Mahindra. Tech Mahindra was awarded WSO2’s Partner of the Year - 2023.

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