Zscaler Enhances Security Tools with AI Capabilities

Zscaler has recently acquired Avalor, a Tel Aviv-based company known for its patented Data Fabric for Security. This strategic move is set to impact Zscaler's capabilities in enhancing data quality and model efficiency.

Bharti Trehan
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Zscaler Enhances Security Tools with AI Capabilities

Zscaler, a cloud security OEM headquartered in San Jose, California, has recently completed the acquisition of Avalor, a Tel Aviv-based company known for its patented Data Fabric for Security. This strategic move is set to bolster Zscaler's capabilities in enhancing data quality and model efficiency.


By integrating Avalor's expertise, Zscaler aims to stay ahead of the curve in combating AI weaponization by threat actors. The acquisition underscores Zscaler's commitment to fortifying its position in the cloud security landscape and signifies a significant step towards addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges with innovative solutions. 

This acquisition represents a significant stride in advancing AI technology, aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation and disrupting traditional methodologies within the cybersecurity sector. 

Avalor's innovative technology, enabling real-time aggregation and contextualization of data from diverse sources, promises to elevate the precision, speed, and efficacy of the AI capabilities within the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.


By integrating Avalor's advanced solutions, Zscaler aims to enhance its AI-driven security framework, empowering organizations to combat evolving cyber threats with greater efficiency and accuracy. This technology infusion will enable Zscaler's Zero Trust Exchange to analyze and respond to security incidents swiftly, leveraging enriched data insights for proactive threat mitigation.

With Avalor's capabilities seamlessly integrated, Zscaler is poised to deliver enhanced security outcomes, safeguarding digital assets against sophisticated attacks and reinforcing its commitment to providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions in an ever-evolving threat landscape. This strategic integration underscores Zscaler's dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and underscores its position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry, ready to meet the dynamic challenges of the modern digital world. 

Zscaler founder and CEO Jay Chaudhary emphasizes the transformative impact of integrating Avalor's technology into their cloud security platform. This integration will enable systematic ingestion, harmonization, and utilization of high-value data from an extensive array of sources, encompassing 400 billion daily cloud transactions.


This includes crucial security findings and business context gleaned from over 150 third-party sources. By leveraging Avalor's capabilities, Zscaler aims to enhance its platform's ability to process vast amounts of data efficiently, empowering organizations to derive actionable insights and bolster their cybersecurity posture effectively. This strategic move underscores Zscaler's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving cybersecurity landscape's complex challenges, positioning the company as a leader in the industry. 

According to Chief Technology Officer Syam Nair, the merger of Zscaler and Avalor will leverage advanced AI analytics to streamline security operations and furnish detailed risk profiles. 

He stated, "This will provide our customers with a powerful AI advantage that delivers the insights and intelligence to stay ahead of emerging, large-scale cyber attacks. In the world of AI, data is gold - and the ability to harness the power of AI to curate and correlate that data at a massive scale is crucial to unlocking its full potential.

In addition to generating insights and findings that help organizations proactively identify critical vulnerabilities, AI-powered solutions can provide a holistic view of their overall cyber risk posture, serving as the foundation for future advancements."

Furthermore, he added, "With 16 years of proven leadership operating the world’s largest security cloud, Zscaler’s massive data set combined with Avalor’s pioneering technology gives us the ability to deliver the most powerful, AI-driven cybersecurity solutions at scale."

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