Nikon India: “We are the leaders not just because of our sales but our responsibility”

In a conversation with Sajjan Kumar, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales and Strategy, Nikon India

What are the different LOBs in the product side in Nikon?

In the industry, where we are operating category-wise, it has not changed much. We have D-SLR and then compact categories. Categories remain the same and D-SLRs no doubt, have grown in the last few years. Because D-SLR sales are increasing and the consumer base is becoming big. That is the category which is growing, where it was 5-7% last year and we anticipate that it will grow.

Within that category, we have DX form factor D-SLRs and full frame or FX format. D-SLR as a category what was earlier mainly limited to professionals like wedding photographers. That contributed to around 80%, now their contribution has come down to 45%. It is not that numbers are not increasing but other consumers, amateurs or professionals in different fields have grown. and category itself has grown.

What is the traction for DX or FX?

It is mainly for DX form. FX is there to some extent as it is mainly used by professionals. But we are seeing the trend of first-time buyers or students who are into photography courses, who are also buying entry level full frame D-SLRs.

They try to learn how to use the product in the best possible manner during our Nikon school workshops. We have seen that such participants who use our equipment and they engage with our technical team and other professionals. This way also we come to understand the kind of consumers that are existing.

Within DX what are the different models and price range?

For a kit price range starts from INR 33,000 and it goes up to one lakhs in DX models. The products start with D3400, a more popular category of D5300, D5600 etc. wherein they have 360-degree LCD also. Then we have D7000 series which is slightly high-end.

This is for those consumers who are into wedding photography segment, which is very popular and for amateurs also this product has 4K video capability. We have a D500 in this range which is top of the range for D-SLRs and beauty of this product is in wildlife photography where it is quite popular because users can get a high zoom while using a DX.

What is the overall, D-SLR market share both for FX and DX categories?

We hold almost 45-46% of total market, overall. For full frame, it goes to 50%, so all the numbers are less in full frame, but the value is high and even these professionals when they are using lenses also, they are meant for specific usage.

How big is the lens segment?

The category is growing, the reason being that when a person is buying DX or FX, we provide the kit one is the standard lens which comes along with the body or some of the double zoom kits that we have created basis consumer demand to provide them benefits. For lesser amounts, consumers get the lens which covers focal length for around 18 to 300. Somebody who is into portrait will go for an 85 mm or 105mm lens.

How is the distribution done?

Nationally, we have our distributors. But we feed the retailers who are close to 3000 retailers across India. We are present almost everywhere. We have around 140 Nikon Experience Zones inclose to 120-122 cities. Very few cities have more than one outlet and this is not just limited to major cities.

Idea is to cover each and every town where customers can get the same experience when they walk into this centre. These experience zones have the complete range of products and the way brands showcased among the consumer, the treatment with the consumer and offerings are the same. Beyond that, we have our retailers that include large format retailers also.

How many channel partners do you have?

We deal with 29 distributors who feed the retailers. We have a distributor in almost in every state.

What about service centres and warranty services?

We have the largest reach and are leaders not just because of our sales but because of responsibility towards our customer service as well. We have 32 authorized service centres. Beyond that 52 locations have Nikon collection centres.

So, these places have capabilities of repairing even high-end D-SLRs. We want to be close to customers so that there is no need for them to travel to major cities and then repair. We provide2-year warranty on lenses and bodies.

What about internal R&D in India?

As of now, we don’t do it in India. But we give feedback, even surveys that we share when we talk of professional expectations, features which are collected from here. India is primarily a sales and marketing hub.

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