No Microsoft raid in Indore for the next three months

DQC Bureau
New Update

Amrita Tejasvi


New Delhi: Microsoft and Indore based IT association MPIT and Telecom

Association (MPTCTA) have agreed to make joint efforts to reduce piracy in the

market. In order to encourage that effort, Microsoft has agreed not to raid any

of the dealers for the next three months on the grounds that the association

would lend its support to stop sales of counterfeit software.

Commenting on the joint effort, Brian Cambell, Director, Genuine Software

Inititative, Microsoft, said, "Microsoft is working closely with the channel

association in Indore which is keen on supporting Microsoft's anti-piracy

initiatives. This is a very positive step and will go a long way in driving the

understanding and appreciation for original software. Under our agreement with

the Indore channel association, Microsoft will not take any legal action against

errant dealers in the city till a period of three months, after which a review

will be done."

Speaking on the matter Manish Goyal, President, MPTCTA said that after

Microsoft (MS) sent legal notices to few dealers in town, the association wanted

to hold a discussion with MS so that such instances are not repeated in future

and dealers get all the requisite support to drive genuine software in the

market. "To drive original software in the market the foremost requirement is

that customers understand its value. Through Microsoft's support we would take

initiatives to create this awareness among the software buyers," said Goyal.


According to the Indore Association, Microsoft would initially distribute

educative brochures and pamphlets to all the dealers for creating awareness

among customers and the Association as well as Microsoft would keep a check to

ensure that piracy is not practiced.