‘NORDX’s 100 years of engineering expertise is put into all its products.’ – Wing Lam, Business Development Manager, NORDX/CDT

Besides establishing an office in the country, does your visit to India have any other objective?

On the one hand my visit serves the purpose of enhancing our relationship with customers and distributor. On the other, I am here to show the face of the principal NORDX/CDT to the end-customer and the dealers so that they come to know who the principal is.

Where do you plan to have your new office? Do you have any timeframe for opening it?

We do not have any time frame for that, but will open it as soon as possible. In fact, our plan was to set up the new office in Bangalore. But, due to some changes in Apcom’s plans, we too changed our plans. The new location will be in Chennai, the headquarters of

What is your channel strategy?

At the basic level, we are the manufacturers. Apart from us, we have distributors for providing the logistical support. They provide marketing and technical support as well as training to a certain level. Apart from distributors, we have certified system vendors (CSVs) who take care of the projects and provide solutions to the end-customers. These are the two channels that we have. Of course, these channels have their local stockists, dealers and systems integrators.

How has your experience been with your sole distributor, Apcom?

We feel quite comfortable with Apcom. We have been working together for the last five years. They have provided us with maximum logistics support. And we have made all the products which is over 2000, commercially available through

What are some of the advantages of structured cabling solutions vis-à-vis traditional cabling solutions?

While the initial investment for structured cabling does cost much more as compared to traditional cabling, it is very important to look at the long-term benefits of structured cabling. Structured cabling involves a one-time life-long investment. Another point is that structured cabling is technology independent. Any additions, moves or changes in traditional cabling involves bringing down the entire network for that period of time.

NORDX’s 100 years of engineering expertise is put into all its products. And these products have the ability to perform for the next 25 years. Whether it is oil companies, airlines, ports or banks, these large enterprises have gone ahead with structured cabling. If we list out top 50 end-to-end, structured size gone into the country over the past one and a half years, our market share predominantly is very high.

In India only some MNCs and export-oriented units have gone for structured cabling. The public sector units or governmental organizations continue to evoke a lukewarm response to these ultra modern methods mainly due the high initial cost? How do you plan to reverse this outlook?

Actually, the cost of structured cabling is not very high. It is very cost effective. Even the installation cost is not very high, though it is higher than traditional cabling. But the total cost is very, very low compared to the traditional. On long-term basis this is more beneficial. The price factor was a bottleneck some two years back. But we have managed to educate the system managers and network administrators about the benefits of structured cabling and this has helped us to break through this mindset.

There is very little difference between the technical capabilities of the vendors. How do you evaluate this statement?

There are two ways of answering this question. One is the realization of a very high level concept in the country that NORDX certified system is the best engineering product, which guarantees and delivers what is confirmed as specifications. That is the approval for the quality of the product.

Secondly, NORDX is one of the few manufacturers in the world, who offers an end-to-end integrated building wiring system conceived, researched and developed, manufactured, tested and marketed by one single company. NORDX has the whole control of the end-to-end system.

Moreover, NORDX is the only company in the world who can deliver proven 300MHz-channel bandwidth system that tops the industry offering; the only company in the world to deliver high-end systems. This clearly differentiates the engineering capability of

Market majors like Lucent and AMP Netconnect have their own exclusive technologies like WaveLAN and MTRJ connector respectively. Do you have any such exclusives?

WaveLAN wireless ethernet is not an exclusive one because there are other ethernet solutions based on similar technology. Nor is the MTRJ a unique solution. Though not standardized, there are other similar connectors in the market. But, if you look at 300 MHz NORDX system, then you will find an exclusive one.

How strong are you on technology?

We are a technology company and the technology leader in cabling industry. We launched our 4800LX system in 1999, it is a 300 MHz end-to-end system. Compared to the 200MHz Cat. 6 system offered by some vendors in the market, our 4800LX system offers more than 50 percent extra channel bandwidth and lots of margin in Powersum Attention Crosstalk Ratio

Since we launched this 4800LX System in 1999, till now we are the only manufacturer in the industry who can deliver this high performance system. The system is commercially available in additional to our 2400 Cat. 6 200MHz system. We have done

plenty of certified sites as reference around the world including one in India. We have also proved that IBDN as the leader in the industry.

What kind of your warranty support do you provide?

Our warranty support is the best in the industry. We give 25 years product warranty and a lifetime application assurance for certified system. We introduced our certificate program in 1992. At that time, it was 15 years product warranty and lifetime
application assurance.

Do you have plans to start manufacture in India?

At the moment, we do not have any such plans. Our plants in Canada have enough capacity to cater to the worldwide requirements. It’s not our main focus.

How do you perceive the impact once e-commerce is integrated in your marketing strategy?

To a lot of people e-commerce means selling directly. But, this is not our belief. In our industry for the products we manufacture, we plan to provide online inventory status, order status and shipping status to our customers. And also, technical support and product information to different customers.

– Saji M P in Mumbai

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