Novell’s Satyen Parikh joins Borland as MD

Borland Software Corporation has appointed Satyen Parikh as MD, Indian
Subcontinent for Borland. Prior to joining Borland, Satyen was with Onward
Novell Software India Ltd, as executive director, India Subcontinent. In his new
role, Satyen will be responsible for expanding Borland’s market share in the
Indian Subcontinent and promoting greater awareness of Borland best-in-class
development and deployment software technology solutions among enterprise and
development customers alike.

"Satyen’s vast experience in sales, marketing, education and systems
engineering will be significant to Borland’s operations in India. As Borland
expands in India, Satyen’s expertise will help us develop strategies and boost
our expansion plans in this market," said Borland regional VP of Asia
Pacific Julian Quinn.

promote deployment of technology solutions among enterprise and
development customers


Satyen brings with him almost 20 years of sales and marketing experience in
the IT industry as well as expertise in numerous markets, including India, Sri
Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan. Prior to joining Borland, Satyen
served as Novell’s senior director for the Indian Subcontinent and through his
leadership helped develop the Novell India operations into one of their most
successful subsidiaries.

"Borland is increasingly regarded as a safe and smart choice for the
enterprise. Using industry leading technology from Borland enables companies to
work across virtually any hardware or software environment and, for example,
leverage Web Services written for .NET, Java, or Linux," said Satyen Parikh,
managing director, Indian Subcontinent for Borland.


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