Now Parbhani gets an IT association

DQC Bureau
New Update


April 4, 2008


Frustrated by the various business issues faced in their region, the channel

partners in Parbhani have decided to form an IT association.

Speaking about this decision Rajesh Jain, spokesperson of the Parbhani

Association of Computer Traders (PACT) said, "We had some issues with

payments from some customers. Besides this there were also some issues with few

vendors and distributors. But these issues where not given much importance by

state's IT community because we never had the power to fight them as we

ourselves were divided here in Parbhani.”

But now the partners have decided on their agenda and want to promote

awareness about original software's among the community there. They believe that

coming together will help them to increase their margins by selling by pursuing

better business practices.


“We are also thankful to Sunil Gugale, President, Computer and Media

Dealers Association of Pune for helping us in formation of the association. Now

issues will be not taken lightly as we will unite and fight for our problems


The population of Parbhani district, which is part of the Marathwada region,

is around 15 lakh of which the urban population is around 3 lakh. Presently it

is estimated that around200 IT partners operate in the Parbhani district.

Right now PACT has 60 registered members of which at least 20 have promised

to be active members of the body. “We have kept the registration fees very low

in the initial stages to get more partners within our fold. Later we will hike

it up as the membership increases.”

While the association had yet to be registered as PACT, talks are afoot to

have a general body meeting to decide the appointment of President. The first

thing on the agenda is to increase the membership base and to generate awareness

about IT in the region.