Old Tanjore district dealers reform IT association

DQC Bureau
New Update

IT dealers across old Tanjore district decided to reform the association that

was started over four years ago but stayed inactive almost since its inception.

Named as Cholamandala IT Association, it will have dealers from Thiruvarur,

Nagapattinam, Karaikal, Chidambaram, Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakonam, Tanjore,

Pattukottai, Pudukkottai, Thirutharaipoondi and Mannarkudi.


“The whole idea of reforming the association is to increase awareness of IT

among traders. Though we don't have any major issues in our area, this

association will help dealers across various districts to know each other and

interact on a common platform,” said R Ramesh Kumar, CEO, RB Computers.

Kumbakonam. Kumar, a former VP of the association has been working hard in order

to bring dealers together and in reforming the association, which is spread

across different districts. Earlier these towns were under a single umbrella

called Tanjore district, but now most of them are different districts but still

collectively called old Tanjore district.

Only those partners who are registered and doing trade for more than a year

will be eligible to become a member of Cholamandala IT Association. “There are

too many unorganized people in these areas and we will strictly allow only

registered traders to be a part of the IT association to safeguard the interest

of costumers,” said Kumar.

Kumar informed that the association has 80 members currently and the count

would keep increasing. “We have put in place insurance policies for members and

we will bring in more such welfare activities for partners,” he informed.

Having become a part of Confed-ITTA, the association will get be registered

before the end of December 2008. “We are looking forward to the Confed-ITTA

summit and are bringing partners together to attend that event. Attending this

summit would definitely bring in more values into the business of dealers here,

as we would get knowledge about vendors in our industry and their product

details,” Kumar averred.

Claiming that the interactive mailing group in Confed has been an excellent

platform for interaction and gaining knowledge about products and business, he

said, “Without having to pay for any seminars, we are getting complete knowledge

about technologies and products. The reformation of the association and being a

part of Confed will help dealers to a great extent.”