Open and Cloud Driven MVision Expands Existing Security Infrastructure

McAfee announced the launch of MVision Marketplace, MVision API and MVision Developer Portal, part of the MVision platform that will allow customers to quickly and easily integrate McAfee and trusted Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partner applications as well as privately developed applications within their current security environment. This enables security teams to swiftly address security gaps in their architecture and easily improve security posture. The newly launched open API framework enables organisations to respond faster to threats while reducing total cost of operations by automating MVision Platform (E-Policy Orchestrator) capabilities and integrating with their IT and security operations.

In many security environments, IT and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams lack unified information, spend too much time on routine operations, and lack automation. By utilizing McAfee cloud security tools both customers and partners can deliver automated security outcomes through the components of the platform including MVision Marketplace, MVision Developer Portal and MVision API. These cloud delivered offerings are key components of the recently announced  MVision Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution and accelerate McAfee and SIA partner solutions working together for better security outcomes.

  • MVISION Marketplace – An application marketplace enabling McAfee and ecosystem partners to deliver pre-integrated, best in industry solutions to customers.
  • MVISION Developer Portal – A portal for application developers to build, test, and certify their applications prior to making them available on MVISION Marketplace or for customers to develop and deploy their private apps.
  • MVISION API – A single, hyper scale, global security Application Programming Interface enabling real time visibility, and response to the McAfee portfolio. Customers and Partners can now See what McAfee Sees, know what McAfee knows and do what McAfee can do through this API.

“With today’s ever-changing business and threat landscape, organizations need to adopt new technologies to help resolve emerging threats and to secure all their assets,” said Javed Hasan, Global Head, enterprise products strategy and alliances, McAfee. “Time is critical in the context of defense against threats and enterprises need the ability to integrate and deploy new solutions. With the new Marketplace, Developer Portal, and API we are enabling customers to quickly and easily implement the security tools they need.”

MVision Marketplace is launching with best of breed partners to complement customers’ existing security solutions. Customers can easily search based on categories such as; Attivo Networks in Endpoint Protection and Active Directory, Siemplify in SOAR, ServiceNow in SOC and IT, Seclore for Data-centric Security, ThreatQuotient in SOC, IBM QRadar in SOC, and more.

“Orchestrated prevention, detection, and remediation is essential to effective scale and results,” said Jeff Hausman, VP ITOM, Security and CMDB at ServiceNow. “The MVision composeable platform connected with the ServiceNow platform helps resource-starved security teams streamline investigation and response for more use cases. It enables real-time links between the myriad data sources and processes of investigations and hooks directly into workflows for remediation and incident management by security and IT.”

“McAfee MVision EDR plus Attivo EDN is a comprehensive solution for superior endpoint security as evidenced by the Mitre Att&ck framework,” said Marc Feghali, VP of product management, Attivo Networks. “We are pleased to be a part of the MVision marketplace and offer innovation for the best possible endpoint protection and lateral movement threat detection.”

“The changing threat landscape is requiring cyber professionals to prioritize the integration and interoperability of existing tools and services,” said Matt McCormick, SVP business and corporate development, ThreatQ. “The combination of McAfee products and the ThreatQ platform broadens the security ecosystem and enables customers to solve this real problem through an open security architecture.”

“Providing customers with the fast and simple ability to deploy Siemplify for their SOAR needs is critical,” said Amos Stern, co-founder and CEO, Siemplify. “We are pleased to be a part of the MVision marketplace to address these needs.”

“Threat Prevention plus Data Protection creates the perfect security posture. Embedded with the McAfee E-PO framework, Seclore can automatically protect customer data via actions invoked from McAfee DLP, Email Prevent, and/or MVision Cloud.” said Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore. “The data chase across networks, devices and applications ends and gets replaced with persistent protection and tracking of data and its use, another example of what best-of-breed technologies coming together can do.”

MVision Marketplace solutions include complete endpoint protection, complete network protection, complete cloud protection, complete data protection, and complete SOC security.

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