Oracle extends grid computing with mobile Oracle Database Lite 10g

DQC Bureau
New Update

Oracle announced Oracle Database Lite 10g, the first database to extend the

power of grid computing to the mobile workforce. Database Lite 10g is an

integrated solution for developing and deploying vital database applications for

mobile environments, delivers features common in mission-critical systems to

mobile and embedded devices. Enabling persistent access to critical information

and applications without requiring continuous connectivity to back-end

enterprise systems, the Database Lite 10g enables users to increase efficiency,

productivity and responsiveness of mobile workforces, reduces costs, and

improves customer satisfaction.

"Mobile deployments have emerged as critical business systems, requiring

enterprise-class functionality, reliability and security, and connection to

back-office systems," said Jack Gold, VP, META Group. "As mobile

devices transition from personal devices to business tools, organizations must

deploy applications built on a flexible business-class platform capable of

supporting current user needs, allowing enhancements and connectivity for

various business requirements." he added.