“Our marketing strategies are formulated with channel partners at the core”

Shylakumar Balu, Managing Director, Genesis IT Innovations LtdWith continuous innovation, technological excellence and relentless pursuit of quality, Shylakumar Balu, Managing Director, Genesis IT Innovations Limited is optimistic accelerating the company’s performance level. He is of the opinion that Genesis will emerge as a topper in the next few months. Genesis was in the news when the company entered a tie-up with Clarity Visual Systems to market the much talked about Video Walls in India. Shylakumar is an electronics engineer from BIT, Bangalore and holds a master degree in computer architecture and networking from George Washington University, US. He outlines the company’s activities and future plans in an interview with CI.

Can you mention briefly about the activities of Genesis?

We at Genesis IT Innovations focus to provide presentation solutions to our customers. Over the years we have expanded our scope of operations. We have recorded a prodigious annual growth rate of 60 percent. Today, we develop software for our clients, both multimedia and web applications. We cater to specific needs and offer customized solutions.

Our continuing efforts to provide individual packages and solutions underline our commitment to quality and performance. We are happy to be in the business of creating contact between businesses, industries and individuals. Currently, we offer a wide range of solutions ranging from kiosk systems to automation systems.

Are all your products stand-alone systems?

With our partnership with InFocus Systems, USA, Da-Lite Screen Company and Extron Electronics, we make sure that you get the best of your investment. Our business development team can help you create entire presentation for you, or enhance your existing one with high impact graphics and multi media elements. 

We have a strategic tie-up with Clarity Visual Systems based in Oregon, USA to market their entire range of video walls and video banners in India. With this we can now offer our customers a wide range of presentation solutions depending on their need and budget. 

Clarity is a world leader in bringing new digital display technologies into the worldwide video wall and command/control applications. We would be the first in the country to bring the video wall technology. Our understanding of the presentation business market would help us to position this wonderful product for India.

What kind of promotional activities do you devise to help your channels sell these products?

As a part of our promotional campaign we keep introducing attractive channel schemes and training programs. We also actively participate in trade shows to create awareness. We look at advertising and trade shows to be an ideal platform for both business growth and identifying prospective customers/channel partners.

Our marketing strategies are formulated with channel partners at the core as they help us reach out prospects in remote cities. Apart from following the traditional pattern of schemes and policies, which are set by our competitors, we also try to plan out innovative campaigns for them by introducing packages that will motivate the top performer.

We want to be known as the best ‘Service Company’ as we offer a vast number of options, providing total solutions in the areas of multimedia presentations and conference room automation.

How big is your channel network in the country? Do you sell your products entirely through your channel?

Currently, we have a channel network of about 13 dealers, spread across the country. We are effectively moving the channels and are now looking at promotional campaigns more focused on them. 

As of today, 98 percent of the company’s billing for the products/solutions sold, is done by us directly though it is routed through our dealers. Sometimes our channel partners do come across situations where they raise bills on the company’s behalf.

How do you handle support and service for the products sold?

We train our channel partners and also our in-house support team to trouble shoot problems at regular intervals. These training programs have helped channels address the issues related to the front-end operations, diagnose basic problems of our products and solutions.

Sometimes we do come across situations where customers demand replacement of products. We do come forward with direct support for these specific cases. We also have a support and replacement policy, which covers warranty issues. Largely we do not allow this policy to change. In most cases customers are neutral as long as their problems are rectified.

Our in-house support team steps in to address critical problems. We are also planning to expand our in-house support team base in phases. 

Could you elaborate the features of Dragonfly notebook projector and Video Walls? Which segment will your products target?

Dragonfly notebook projector, which is a part of our projector range, comes with a robust suite of features including zoom lenses, on-board audio and video functionality, and a remote control. The easy-to-use projector employs plug-and-project techniques.

InFocus recently did a survey, where about couple of volunteers were called upon to test the working of Dragonfly Notebook Protector. Surprisingly, it only took about five to six minutes for them to plug-and-project the product.

We offer you a wide array of screens each with a choice of projection surfaces. The Video Wall, on the other hand, is a display device where you can project data and video signals. The technology itself is unique owing to its patented parts.

The advantage of this technology is superior image quality, lightweight, reduced footprint, high brightness and improved brightness uniformity. It also features consistent color display across adjacent modules, no convergence requirements or color drifting and digital display all give this technology an edge.

The Video Wall and banner are the best and dynamic signage solutions for the retail, entertainment and business markets. The product was launched in India in the month of September and is priced upwards of Rs. 45 lakh. A channel partner can carve out a margin of 10 percent on this product range. Both Dragonfly notebook projector and Video Wall are targeted at corporates and educational institutes.

How many offices do you have in India?

Bangalore being the head quarters, we have offices in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. We are also planning to open our branch office at Delhi by mid-March. All our marketing activities are co-ordinated through these offices. All these places also double up as our support centers.

We also have a bonded warehouse in Bangalore, which supplies the support centers with adequate spares and replacements if any.

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