Outsourced services can bring in $200 billion to India: CII

DQC Bureau
New Update

There would be 40 million new service jobs created bringing in $200 billion revenues to India because of global demand for outsourced services. This was

stated by Arun Maira, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group while introducing the session on 'Services: New Explosion for Growth' at the CII National

Conference and Annual Session held at New Delhi.


India's opportunity lies in knowledge-based services such as transaction processing, design and analysis, R&D, value-added

tourism and leisure tourism. He said that India's people could be its assets in capturing this


However, he emphasized that this could be achieved through action in three critical areas-

strengthening professional education and vocational training, improved infrastructure in communication, tourism and healthcare

and marketing India as the world's best source for services.

Pramod Bhasin, President, GE Capital India said that BPO in India has the potential to grow at 45 percent CAGR with $24

billion revenue by 2008 while speaking on the topic The BPO space: Opportunities for higher value

addition. However, he stated that BPO must expand to cover all remote services and not just restrict to call centers only.


India also needs to develop expertise for niche products and build up the India Inc. brand, he said. Other countries like

Hungary, Poland, Russia, Jamaica, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mauritius are fast catching up, he


Dr Naresh Trehan, Executive Director, Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center said that while India is emerging as a low

cost Healthcare provider to the world, it is equally important to extend affordable healthcare

delivery to the rural masses. The way forward is through public-private partnerships, he said, while speaking on the topic Can India emerge as a

low-cost treatment hub. He urged captains of the industry to come forward and adopt public healthcare center's around their work areas, which will

bring in huge goodwill at a small expense.