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Ozone Computer Service announces Distribution Of Chromebook, HP-AMD Laptops

Coimbatore based distributor for computing devices Ozone Computer Service is all set to distribute HP-AMD Laptops, Athlon to i7 and gaming laptops. The distributor is also betting big on promoting chrome-enabled laptops in the market. Ozone computers made this announcement in a recent event in Coimbatore among the leading channel partners recently.

Speaking on the event, Mahesh Kurup R, CEO, Ozone Computers Service, said, “India is the only market in the world where every year close to more than 170 million are getting ready for employment and more than 90 lakh students are appearing for their higher secondary examinations. While the market is emerging the channel partners should think innovatively and place the product in the right way to the customer.” Mahesh also added that the buying decisions in the families are changing and it is the children in the family who can change the buying decision.

He also added that the current economic disturbance is just in a transition phase and is a cycle. “From 2000 till now, India is growing in a phase of 5% to 8.5%. This is the correction time and because of this, the cost of the products had grown drastically except the agrarian products.  Thus as a result of the constant growth for the past 2 decades, there is always a fluctuation in all the aspects and will result in a consolidation of the economy- which we are going through”, he added.

On a concluding note, Mahesh said, we have invested big time in the promotion of HP, AMD, and Chromebook to the market. The event was attended by more than 120 dealers across Coimbatore. Ozone computer services are also planning to launch hot schemes and offer to grab the attention of the dealer community.

Contributed by: B Swaminathan 

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