Panasonic launches Viera range of plasma TVs

DQC Bureau
New Update

Panasonic India, a Matsushita Electric Industrial company, and manufacturer of

electronic and electrical products for consumer, business and industrial use,

launched its Viera range of plasma televisions in India. According to Shashi
Bhushan, Head-New Business, Panasonic India, "Packed with the 'Black Box'

technology and up to 8.6 billion colors, the plasma TVs contrast ratio as high as 4000:1, the Panasonic plasmas are all set to storm the Indian

The Real Black Drive System reduces reflections, and adds depth to black areas.


Further, the Advanced Real Gamma Control with up to 2,048 gradation steps provides more levels of gradation in darker image areas for better detail and

rich images suitable for the human eye. 

With native HDTV capability, Panasonic plasmas offer more natural diagonal edges

and scenes with movement are also clear as it is suitable for displaying fast

moving images like sports action and offers no afterimages. These TVs have wide viewing radius of 160° both horizontally and vertically so that one can see the

same picture even when he isn't directly in front of the screen and images are sharp and crisp independent of the viewing angle. 

Panasonic plasmas come in a range of sizes from 37" and 42" displays to larger 50" widescreens models. The SD/PC Card Slots with Photo Viewer

allows import of pictures from digital cameras. Customers can simply insert their digital camera's memory card into the TV and experience a slide show.

The plasmas will be available in India by close of year 2005 and will be priced at Rs 1,75,000 onwards.