Panasonic Moving Ahead @ SP Summit 2016

Panasonic a Japanese multinational electronics corporation had lots to share at the SP Summit 2016 held at Kolkata. A brand like Panasonic is seen everywhere from Mobile market to hospitality segment, from television to sports, Panasonic gave us all.

At the SP Summit 2016 Panasonics session was divided into two sessions, firstly they appeared on stage addressing the channels partners and system integrator by making them learn what Panasonic is offering. Interestingly they where the centre of attraction for many Sis because of two reason firstly because of their big brand name and then for the product line they were offering. The session was stretched with interesting questions from the channel community. Taking about the product line, Panasonic has come a long way with its products category. User has enormous choice and value of the stuff they would be using it and adding it the product showcase. Apart from the presentation Panasonic showcased its product through a most interesting stall of all at the summit, people were willingly opting to visit and re-visit the stalls to witness the product category more closely.


Next day of the SP Summit Panasonic organized a power breakfast session for which they chose 15 channels partners out of all to have a session full of learning. The criteria of picking up those 15 Sis was unique as they studied it before hand that who all will be a great help in their business in future. The strategy helped them a lot. The session saw tremendous entries and discussions. Discussions from hardware to the telephone industry it all went well. The level of excitement amongst the members was also worth appreciating. Panasonic had 3 spokesperson at the session. Discussions saw no boundaries as every plan was kept in light and people learned about each of the vertical of the company so well that there were cross questioning session.

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