Pawan Jajodia re-elected as Compass president

DQC Bureau
New Update

Kolkata: In an attempt to revitalize the presence of Compass and enhance

it's space in the IT retail and distribution community in Kolkata, Pawan Jajodia has been re-elected consecutively for a second term for this year as the Compass President with Satish Chaudhry retaining his portfolio of the immediate past-President.

In keeping with the objective of infusing newer ideas into the association programs, four new faces have been inducted in the executive committee this time. The new entrants in the EC this year are Kishan Daga of Marc Infonet, Rakesh Tiwari of Sea Infonet, Sumit Lundia of Starcomp Infotech and Vikash Sethiya of Sevi Computers.

Talking about his re-election Pawan Jajodia, President, Compass said, "It is indeed a privilege for me to be re-elected as the President of this prestigious association. Like previous year, my primary concern will be to strengthen the association by taking inputs from the experienced members and balancing them with new entrants. The new members who have been inducted have all remarkable achievements in their portfolio and I feel that their achievement requires a fair assessment within Compass. Also, we are planning to expand our focus on the claims and disputes section both within and outside the
association", he added.

Keeping the same in mind Compass will be deliberating on the disputes of the defaulters in terms of payments inside Compass with Mahesh Shah heading the committee on claims and disputes. With one case already solved earlier this year, the association is undertaking a trial-and-error approach to bring in claims disputes within its fold. The association is now headed to break free from its traditional fold into a more proactive stance.

"Claims and disputes regarding payments has always been an issue. Earlier, we could do little apart from deliberating on these issues. Now, we will be more active in resolving these disputes. Already we have successfully solved one case earlier this year and another three have been reported so far. We will be taking these issues seriously henceforward and will strive our best in resolving these cases from inside
Compass", Jajodia emphasized.

A 291 member strong association, Compass will meet on Oct 6 to form its new Executive Council.