PCAIT E-store for Partners – Some Important Details

Partners have begun to open E-stores where they want to showcase their IT products. This is designed to help them reach their clients in lockdown and also to avail of the new technologies through the digital platform. Earlier we had   published the main features of FAIITA portal. Here are the details of PCAIT portal Indiaitchannels.

Indiaitchannels is an effort and initiative by PCAIT, a B2B & B2C online platform that has been launched with the agenda of bringing together the entire IT community which includes IT/Mobile/Surveillance& security products and Services buyers and sellers across the country. The platform is going to benefit the OEM/distributors/sub distributors/ resellers and SI partners for enhancing their reach and business without getting apprehended about the geographical limitations.

Indiaitchannels is not only developed with the objective of offering an opportunity to the IT community for doing e-business but also it’s a platform where they can manage their own B2B & B2C catalogue page without any interventions. They can handle their own page as they want and can proceed further the way they feel. Handling their own catalogue page would allow them to offer and update the customers with their new services and latest products.

The platform has been launched in different phases which includes registrations by the partners at first and then creating B2C catalogue pages which is to be begin from 1st of August.


“Since these days doing business have become more trending through mobile than websites and also it is feasible for the customers as well. So, keeping this view in mind, app has also been developed that can be downloaded from the Google Play store by the partners. This will not only be easier for them but also for their customers as well.”

–Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT

During this Covid19 situation, IT industry is one amongst the most affected industries, as they couldn’t do their business effectively due to lockdown period which led to create financial losses for countless IT partners. So, PCAIT wanted to assist the IT community hence they came up with the idea.

It is very important to be noted that the IndiaItChannels registrations have been made  free   for the IT partners. Indiaitchannels is available at     no cost  for all the IT associates so that they can initiate their e-business and can begin their online business journey to fight back the current problem.

Indiaitchannels and  Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge

PM Modi has launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat app innovation challenge to boost the apps that are homegrown and linked it with Make in India. Indiaitchannels entirely fits with the concept as it not only strives for digital India but also inculcates digital technologies like mobile. The initiative by PM Modi focuses on the ease of business and Indiaitchannels effectively fulfills the idea. It offers an opportunity to the entire IT community of the country to sit at home and initiate their online business in the tough times of Covid-19.

Indiaitchannels holds the efficiency of making the programme of PM “Make In India” fruitful. IT community never knew that they can also initiate their e-store as there is no such platform available in the country. Indiaitchannels has made it possible with the efforts of Alok Gupta, President, Saket Kapur, General Secretary and members of PCAIT. Their vision of offering this opportunity would benefit the entire IT community and also will generate a new roadmap for the other businesses available in the country. The platform aspire to make the country more progressive and digitally strong with the initiative.


When PCAIT launched the platform, it was anticipated that it will definitely accomplish success as the idea was completely unique and exceptional. But, the results platform has achieved within a month has created history among all the e-commerce businesses running presently. Indiaitchannels has received more than 3500 registrations in a month and it is counted every day with huge jump in numbers. Evidently, PCAIT’s years of reputation would have led to achieve this victory and also the hard work team had put in also deserves applauds.

Future Targets

After the platform has received such astonishing response and popularity among the IT community, so now the target has been set i.e. to accomplish more than 5k registrations by 15th of August. It is estimated that around 10k partners will be registered with the platform by the end of year whereas 25 k registrations are to be accomplished within a year.

To accomplish the future targets, the development team, marketing team, technical team is continually working towards it. IT partners who have registered with the platform don’t have to wait to create their own catalogue B2C pages as the journey of creation is beginning from 1st of August, 2020.

Strategies Indiaitchannels Follows to Ensure Success

For an e-platform like Indiaitchannels, it is very important that appropriate strategies are made as just developing the website doesn’t do everything. Unistal Systems has ensured keeping things in mind while developing platform and has considered certain factors so that IT partners don’t face any hassle when registering with the portal.

Data Security for IT Partners

Unistal Systems, the developer company has been working in the industry of data security for more than 26 years now and efficiently comprehends the requirement of maintaining data security. The company has developed their own data security and recovery products so that the best solutions and services are provided to the customers and are constantly working on making the data safety solutions finest.

So, IT partners who have registered with Indiaitchannels needs not to worry about their data security as it is completely secured with the platform. It is ensured the confidential information is not used without their consent and partners are always reached via email for any information or updates.

Professionals to Manage the E-store Profiles

Unistal Systems has assigned teams to maintain the e-store registered profiles on Indiaitchannels. It is assured that each team is in place to remove the complexities when managing the e-store profiles.

Development team is handling the developing related aspects of the website and manage the issues if persists. Secondly, back end team is assigned to handle and manage the queries of partners. Technical team is accountable to handle and resolve technical problems while providing assistance. They ensure that partners don’t face any complexities when dealing with technical functionalities. 

Resources Spent On the Platform

PCAIT President Alok Gupta’s Company Unistal Systems is spending their own resources for the development of Indiaitchannels portal.  He has been working for the benefits of partners for more than a decade so he took the decision of investing in this venture for the benefits of IT partners. It is mainly for them so that they can easily face the current rough time of pandemic.

Promotions Across the Country

The promotions of Indiaitchannels are also being handled by Unistal Systems and the results accomplished till now is the effect of running the promotions energetically. The platform is about to reach 4000 registrations and it is believed that the platform would definitely complete all the set deadlines as Unistal has more than 30,000 partners registered with it from all across the country.

Website Maintenance

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. has also taken care of maintaining the Indiaitchannels portal since they are developing the site. Update of the site is initiated on regular basis to notify the partner about any changes or modifications on the portal. They makes sure that maintenance is an ongoing process and have integrated the support for IT Partner’s assistance.

Final Say

The appreciation and results Indiaitchannels has been receiving from the complete IT community is itself a huge success for the platform. The daily count of registrations is increasing massively and this kind of response is boosting the morale of team to work on the platform more passionately.  The efforts of initiators and the team can be seen with the everyday number and since it was anticipated that 5k registrations would be achieved by 15th of August but now it is expected to be completed sooner. The entire squad of Indiaitchannels is prepared to put their best efforts and expertise on the platform to accomplish the set goals.

Indiaitchannels is completely ready to take the IT community to another level of success by transforming the business in the way they sell, market and operate their services. Ease of business is offered to the IT partners and they can accomplish the business growth increasingly. It is because of the thought process of initiators of platform,  Alok Gupta President, Saket, Gen. Secretary and other members of PCAIT that Indiaitchannels within a period of one month only has begun shaping the future of IT network.

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