Perpetuuiti announces availability of products in 10 foreign languages

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Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft has announced that they have launched 10 multilingual versions of their flagship products namely Continuity Vault, Continuity Patrol, Ops-Central and Dependency Discovery Engine (DDE). The new versions are available in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, German, Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian, apart from English. The move is aimed at providing local support to customers and partners located in different countries, thereby increasing the global reach of Perpetuuiti.


Elaborating on the rationale behind launching multilingual products, Rohil Sharma, CEO at Perpetuuiti, says, "Many users who are quite conversant with new technologies still prefer the software interfaces to be in their native languages as it helps them work with greater ease and efficiency. Keeping this in mind, we decided to launch our products in some of the major foreign languages that are widely used in different countries. We hope this move will help us gain traction with both customers and partners, and strengthen our presence in these regions."

Perpetuuiti's products have been universally acclaimed for the value and control they provide to business organizations in the Management, Orchestration and Automation of IT Service Continuity and Availability. The same software products, along with their collaterals, have now been translated into local foreign languages to address the needs of key global markets. The translated products will be able to address the specific pain points and local issues of organizations that are perhaps not as comfortable using an English interface.

"Our multilingual product versions are an important milestone in our endeavor to connect better with partners and customers and ensure greater satisfaction among a diverse set of customers," added Rohil.


Perpetuuiti has always strived to adapt with changing business environments and evolving technologies. It continuously innovates and keeps itself at pace with the emerging trends in the industry. The company has shown a promising growth since the previous year, and expects a further increase after this wide-scale multilingual launch.

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