National Technology Day 2024 - Innovation and Start-Ups

Commemorating the Pokhran Test in 1998, National Technology Day is celebrated every year. India being a technology hub visionaries promote young innovative minds.

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National Technology Day 2024  Innovation and Start Ups

National Technology Day 2024

Technology drives the future of India. To mark its significance National Technology Day is celebrated every year. This year’s theme is around igniting young minds and promoting Start-Ups. Visionaries and business personalities echo the thoughts to nurture young minds, leading to more innovative ideas.


On this National Technology Day 2024, some IT industry personalities and visionaries shared their views with DQ Channels. 

Some of the veterans in the channel partner ecosystem shared their views -

Alok Gupta, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Unistal Systems, and President of PCAIT, shared, " Technology is the foundation of any developing country's progress. To encourage new entrepreneurs, industry leaders must provide young minds with access to funds and help for their startups. We have also started a startup initiative IndiaIT360 Solutions to help IT startups in establishing their business across India and also to help them in getting funds. Over the years we have developed various IT solutions for a better tomorrow."


“From Schools to Young Innovative Start-Ups Only India has it in all the Fields as we were the Vishwa Gurus & will Always Remain so for others to Follow Us. Our Brains were and are far Superior, other than a Strong National Leadership which will ensure Innovations to Change the Entire World.” Puneet Singhal, MD, Pioneer Enterprise, President of CMDA, Delhi.

“India has propelled with innovative ideas in the recent past and the focus is on real-time R&D in solutions the world will look up to. Many startups have showcased out-of-the-box, high-value, and low-cost products with diverse technologies across various sectors be it within the Health industry, Defence, Agribusiness, IT security, Finance, etc., and hope youngsters tinkering around the pioneering ecosystem will lead our country to become a friendly superpower more sooner than expected.” Pankaj S Shah, TechnoPlus Systems, Founding Secretary, Ex-President of ASIRT.

IT Business Personalities talked about some of their initiatives to promote Indian Talent -


Sanket Atal, Managing Director – Operations and Site Lead – Technology, Product, at Salesforce India shared his views, “This National Technology Day, we should acknowledge India's remarkable rise as a tech leader, particularly in Artificial Intelligence (AI). A recent report by NASSCOM predicts that the Indian AI market will reach $17 billion by 2027, highlighting its immense potential. Our country is well-positioned for sustained economic growth, with digital transformation serving as a key driver.

Moreover, India's focus on AI's rapidly evolving innovation cycle further strengthens its growth potential. With a large talent pool, supportive government policies, strong academic institutions, and world-class research and innovation facilities, India possesses some of the richest data sets for AI innovation. E-governance platforms in India are poised to become more intelligent and customized to local communities through AI.

This represents a golden moment for India, with Salesforce also working to nurture Indian talent. Through our free online learning platform, we are cultivating a diverse pool of tech talent and equipping them with the skills and ethical framework to use AI responsibly.


On this National Technology Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to embracing AI as a force for good, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive growth. Together, we can harness the transformative power of technology to build a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

Dr. Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President, Movate stated, "National Technology Day is more than a celebration; it's a catalyst for innovation and utilizing technology for a smarter, sustainable future, while also nurturing India's tech talent pool and enhancing its global leadership in technology. Movate commits to co-innovate, co-create, and collaborate, we leverage data and technology to drive sustainability and value. One such example is the GenAI-based Self-Service Chatbot, Self-Service BI, and more.

We also actively contribute to building a robust tech talent pool in India through strategic partnerships with ICT, Nasscom, and TASK. Recently, we established a robotics lab at Loyola College, Chennai, to nurture future talent in robotics and AI."


Conclusion -

As National Technology Day 2024 draws to a close, the collective voice of India’s IT leaders resonates with a clear vision for the future. From the grassroots of education to the cutting-edge startup ecosystems, India continues to embrace its heritage. The insights shared by industry veterans and visionaries underscore the importance of a supportive environment that encourages real-time R&D.

The emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and its potential to drive economic growth and digital transformation is particularly noteworthy. India has the highest number of young age population, in the right direction they can be guided to innovate. Furthermore, it will promote the Start-Up culture and lead to a progressive future ahead.



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