Physical Identity To Drive Complex Business Environment

In today’s complex business environment, all activities are driven by systems and IT is a core part of it. Digitization has enabled easy access to basic amenities and also led to the emergence of cashless environment. However, it has also posed a threat of unauthenticated and unauthorized access to mission critical data and applications. Therefore, physical identity has gained a lot of relevance in today’s business and it is going to be driven the entire ecosystem in future.

Ajay Kumar, Head of Marketing, South Asia, Entrust Datacard said managing identity is very important today and having a rock solid authentication, identification and secured access management system within the organization has become a need of an hour.

“We at Entrust Datacard bring authentication, identification and security to physical identity. We offer technologies that create strong lines of defense against breaches and other threats, while simplifying access for authenticating users”, he said.

Chetan Shah, MD, Xpress Computers said that physical identity was relevant in a very big way and the increasing usage of online platforms would boost the growth of the secured card industry.

“The secured identity is needed at every stage in the virtual world at the same time it is important to safeguard mission critical data and applications at physical infrastructure. So it is an opportunity for partners like us to take these solutions to end users.”

Dharmesh Anjaria, Executive Director of Dynacons Systems & Solutions said that to ensure security breach the entire ecosystem needs to be physically secured.

“Whether it is E Commerce, Cloud, IoT, the entire landscape is in such as way that all these elements require a secured access. Therefore, the entire ecosystem needs to be physically secured.”

Kshitij Kotak, CEO of Grecells Black Box said, “Digital identity is a fantastic idea to work upon. It is a niche market with very few players. Enterprises are concerned about the physical as well as virtual security and they are willing to deploy solutions for secured access. Therefore, if chalked out properly, it can become a prospective business for partners.”

Chetan Shah said that to get into this new line of business, partners need support and training from the vendors like Entrust Datacard. “Identifying an addressable market is the key and partners require certain skill sets to actually deploy these solutions. Vendors need to educate partners to search right market and frame a right strategy”, Shah said.

Ajay Kumar said that rapid internet penetration has boosted E Commerce and created a need for a secured and authenticated access. He said that the best time has come in the card industry and it is right time for partners to explore this emerging segment of IT industry.

“It is a cost effective and new line of business. Partners and SIs have an opportunity to set up security in application in enterprises to address the BYOD factor and it is a big market. We are working on partners opportunities and we have got very strong tools and partner programs”, Kumar said.

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