Price difference ails resellers in Vijayawada

DQC Bureau
New Update

Vijayawada: In the recently held IT Panchayat, conducted by DQ Channels and The DQ Week in Vijayawada, a major debate took place between the reseller community and the distributors. Srinivas Kokonda, Sales Manager, Ingram Micro; MVSR Sarma, Sales Manager, Neotric, Vijayawada; Shivaprasad, Sales Manager, Rashi Peripherals; and Vinita Bhatia, Executive Editor, DQ Channels were on the panel. Rajkumar Baid of Baid Electronics was invited to join the panel on behalf of all the resellers present.


The event was attended by more than 50 channel partners and was sponsored by Dev Narayan, Deputy GM, Sify Technologies—South and Srinivasa Reddy, Regional Manager, Delta.Voicing the opinions of reseller community, Baid said that there is a difference between the price offered by the distributors to resellers in Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Sarma however, disagreed, stating that they offer the same price across the region.

Bhatia raised the issue about geographic limitation of distributors on the panel. To which, Srinivas responded, "There is no such thing as area restrictions for us. We cater across the country."

When questioned about the non-availability of stocks, Srinivas responded by saying, "We request all of you to foresee your requirements and give us ample time to fulfill your requirement."

At the event, Ingram Micro revealed that they would open up a warehouse soon in Vijayawada, which should take care of product non–availability.