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WeP HQ 2100, the new high-speed impact printer from WeP Peripherals is

capable of printing 710 pages per hour, which is the fastest in its segment.

Capable of printing 1,000 characters per second, WeP HQ 2100 is suited for

multi-user networked application necessities printing more pages at lesser time.

Moreover, it has the highest uptime in its segment.


WeP HQ 2100 complies with the European Union's RoHS directive, making it

eco-friendly. Some of the component used in this high-speed impact printer is

presently being imported. Moving forward, WeP Peripherals aspires to manufacture

them very soon in its Mysore facility.

WeP HQ 2100 has serial and parallel interface with auto-share, 1+8 multi-part

capability and 64kB input buffer, 10LQ fonts and one-year warranty including

print head. It also matches the BIS quality criteria for throughputs at 24x12

character matrix. HQ 2100 is equipped with a zoom function, which quickly and

easily enlarges (up to 1,600 percent) and reduces (down to 66 percent) the size

of the printed characters. All major types of bar codes can be output with speed

and clarity.

Most importantly, its technical excellence is balanced by superb operating

ease. Its innovative 2-level menu system makes operation refreshingly simple. HQ

2100 even stores three complete configurations for instant recall and provides

detailed error message.

Contact: WeP Peripherals

Tel: 080-66112456