Products Are Priced Higher Here:Aligarh Channel

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The IT Panchayat was recently organized in Aligarh in association with The DQ

Week and DQ Channels. Panelists at IT Panchayat comprised of Raheenul Hasan of

Redington India, Brijesh Agarwal of Yamini Emphasis Softwares, Faran Shikoh of

Cosmic Technologies, Ajay Tomar of Faith Computer and Ashu Chanana of Computer



Opening the panel discus­sion on the relevant issues of the channel community

of the Aligarh region, Brijesh Agarwal of Yamini Emphasis said that in Aligarh

some products are sold at higher prices as compared to other places. “It is high

time that we start taking this seriously. There are a lot of products, which are

sold at higher price here. The same products can be bought at much cheaper rates

elsewhere,” he added.

Representisng the distri­butor' side, Hasan said that as a company Redington

has a policy wherein the company has got different slabs for different B or

C-class cities, so it is not possible to have much difference for cities like

Aligarh. Shikoh informed the gathering that Aligarh is perhaps one of the few

places where IT products are not being made available by the distributors that

easily, whereas product are easily available in places like Ghaziabad and Noida.

“There are times when we have a big and exiting product announcement from the

vendor and we want to get the product in this market. Suddenly the distributor

says that the product is not available in this market. However, it is readily

available in other neighboring markets like Ghaziabad or Noida,” he added.


Reacting to this point, Hasan explained that as a distributor, it is not

possible for Redington to not take orders from the channel community.

Chanana explained that as a location Aligarh should get more attention from

the distributor community and billing should be made easy at this location.

“There is still a lot of effort required on the channel's part to get simple

things done here. Availability is an issue and then there is the issue with

warehouse as well. There are no rules here, at times we get material that is

sent from other regions in two or three days. However, it may take weeks for

supplies to come from Agra or Ghaziabad,” he added.


Agarwal also pointed out that in Aligarh some of the HP products are being

sold at a higher price by the distributor as compared to the price offered by


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