We leverage local talent and resources, Sanjeev Kumar, Alphadroid

Under our Make in India section, DQ Channels had an exclusive interaction with Sanjeev Kumar, Founder, of Alphadroid. He shared insights on how they are manufacturing robots locally, integrating AI and Robotics, and much more.

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We leverage local talent and resources, Sanjeev Kumar, Alphadroid

Sanjeev Kumar, Founder, Alphadroid

Could you share the inspiration behind founding Alphadroid and how the idea of leveraging AI-powered robots for the service industry came to you?


The inspiration behind founding Alphadroid stems from a personal belief that many repetitive tasks currently performed by humans could be more effectively and enriching be carried out by machines. Tasks such as heavy load lifting, hygiene maintenance, and public cleaning consume valuable human resources but have the potential to be done more efficiently and effectively by machines. This would free up human workers to engage in more intellectually stimulating and enriching activities.

The initial spark for Alphadroid came from observing a robot and its activities in Malaysia. However, our vision soon evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of tasks. During our journey across the UK and Indian restaurants, we identified a common challenge: establishments were hesitant to adopt complex and expensive technology solutions to address efficiency issues. This observation crystallized Alphadroid’s mission – to empower restaurants with affordable and user-friendly robotics.

Alphadroid was born out of a desire to merge human intellect with technology, creating solutions that maximize efficiency in service industries through automation. Our service robots are equipped with human-empowering intelligence, enhancing efficiency and productivity with cutting-edge technology.


Market validation and testing have been key in our journey. The curiosity and enthusiasm we encountered in the field reaffirmed the market demand for such innovations, fueling our determination to refine and customize our offerings to exceed expectations. We believe that great products are always a work in progress, and only together can we progress.

How does Alphadroid align with the Make in India initiative? And how you are working towards not replacing humans while boosting robotics? 

Alphadroid proudly aligns with the Make in India initiative by designing, manufacturing, and innovating our robotics solutions in Noida itself. This approach not only boosts local manufacturing capabilities and contributes to economic growth but also fosters technological advancements that resonate with India's unique market needs. By leveraging local talent and resources, we ensure that our solutions are culturally and economically relevant, promoting self-reliance and technological independence.


Our goal is not to replace human workers but to augment their capabilities and enhance their work environment. In the hospitality sector, Alphadroid's intelligent robots are designed to take over repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, allowing human staff to focus on activities that require creativity, empathy, and critical thinking. This results in a more satisfying and fulfilling work experience for employees while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

You are initially focused on the hospitality sector. Can you elaborate on the specific solutions Alphadroid has developed for this industry and their impact so far?

Alphadroid's integration into hospitality facilities enhances customer service by streamlining tasks. For instance, check-in processes, handling bookings efficiently, and warmly greeting guests. Our robots facilitate seamless interactions, from taking orders to processing payments, resulting in a 25% increase in positive guest feedback. By handling these routine tasks efficiently, Alphadroid ensures guests receive prompt and seamless service, enhancing overall satisfaction.


Moreover, by integrating Alphadroid’s solutions, hospitality businesses witness a 40% reduction in response times for guest requests. This allows staff to prioritize delivering personalized services, significantly improving the quality of guest interactions. With robots taking over mundane tasks, employees can engage in more meaningful and creative work. This shift has led to a notable 15% improvement in employee satisfaction scores, as staff members find their roles more engaging and less stressful.

The operational efficiency and enhanced guest experiences facilitated by Alphadroid's robots contribute to higher revenue generation for hospitality businesses. Satisfied guests are more likely to return and recommend the establishment, boosting overall profitability. At Alphadroid, we have pioneered a business-focused approach to technology, transforming how businesses leverage tech to drive growth.

By prioritizing ease of integration and functionality, Alphadroid ensures that businesses can adopt our service robots effortlessly. This approach not only enhances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency but also fosters a more holistic and integrated workplace where humans and robots collaborate to deliver exceptional service.


With your experience in engineering and autonomous systems, how do you see Alphadroid's technology evolving to meet the needs of diverse sectors like public spaces and healthcare?

With my background in engineering and autonomous systems, I see Alphadroid's technology evolving significantly to meet the needs of diverse sectors like public spaces and healthcare. More than just a robotics or tech company, Alphadroid is a venture dedicated to enhancing human life.

We deeply understand the realities faced in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, and public services, where people often endure demanding tasks that can take away from their quality of life. Whether it’s carrying heavy weights, performing repetitive tasks, handling hazardous conditions, or sacrificing precious moments with loved ones, these challenges are pervasive. At Alphadroid, we are committed to alleviating these burdens by developing robots powered by advanced intelligence in emotion, speech, and action.


In public spaces, our robots will revolutionize the way we interact with our environments. They will enhance security, streamline crowd management, and improve visitor experiences by providing real-time information and assistance. Imagine a robot in an airport or shopping mall, guiding visitors, managing queues, and offering personalized recommendations—these are the kinds of innovations we are working towards.

In healthcare, the impact of Alphadroid's technology will be transformative. Our robots will take on routine tasks such as delivering medications, transporting medical supplies, and assisting with patient care, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on direct patient care and complex procedures.

Overall, Alphadroid aims to create a harmonious blend of technology and human interaction, fostering a collaborative environment where robots take on the more labor-intensive and hazardous tasks, empowering humans to enjoy a higher quality of life while keeping a human touch. By continuously advancing our AI and robotics technology, we are dedicated to making life better across various sectors, ultimately driving a future where human potential is fully realized and cherished.


What are some of the key challenges Alphadroid faces in integrating AI and robotics into traditional service industries, and how are you addressing these challenges?

Overall, robotics and automation are going through an evolution curve, and India, being an emerging market with a strong focus on cost consciousness, is taking longer to accept these cutting-edge technologies, where immediate value demonstrations are minimal.

The journey towards embracing automation and robotics encounters several hurdles, including issues with infrastructure compatibility, high costs associated with initial investments, reluctance towards technological adoption, skill gaps, and the demand for solutions that are both localized and customizable. Moreover, societal acceptance and integration of these advanced technologies into diverse operational settings present additional complexities. These factors highlight the critical need for innovative, adaptable, and culturally aligned automation solutions.

Alphadroid addresses these challenges by delivering flexible robotics solutions designed for the diverse Indian infrastructure and offering competitive pricing and financing options, such as subscription models, to ease the burden of upfront costs. Recognizing the importance of a smooth technological transition, Alphadroid places a strong emphasis on education and support. Enhanced training programs for all clients ensure that employees can effectively interact with new technologies, bridging the skill gap and boosting confidence in the use of automation.

Immediately after deployment, Alphadroid provides dedicated client support, including on-site handholding and training during the initial phase, to facilitate seamless integration and operational efficiency. By focusing on customization, supporting multiple local languages, and understanding the cultural nuances of the Indian market, Alphadroid's solutions not only meet specific business needs but also foster greater societal acceptance and engagement with automated technologies.

What are Alphadroid’s plans for expanding the application of your robots, and how do you envision the future of human-robot collaboration in various industries?

At Alphadroid, we envision building interactive robotics to empower humans, integrating our robots and virtual avatars into sectors that need smart machines, personalized experiences, and predictive intelligence. We aim to gradually expand the application of robotics across hospitality, healthcare, education, and the public sector, contributing to a better and brighter India.

We strive to commodify robotics, creating affordable and accessible human-enabling buddies for people from various backgrounds and industries. By developing a model of operation and complementary technology that allows us to create overnight solutions, we aim to make the adoption of robotics quicker, simpler, and more accessible. This journey will ultimately result in a versatile, multi-purpose venture that can be customized to suit the complex requirements of various businesses.

Unlike traditional product-centric approaches, Alphadroid emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between humans and robots, viewing them not as separate entities but as partners in achieving common goals. By focusing on seamless integration and personalized experiences, we ensure that our robots complement and enhance human capabilities rather than replace them.

This collaborative mindset extends beyond technology to our business model. As a company, we offer both a subscription-based model and comprehensive after-sales services to ensure continuous support and customer satisfaction. Additionally, our interconnected product ecosystem allows for seamless collaboration between different solutions, further enhancing the overall experience.


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