Pune based startup launches mobile app: “sfunnle – On the Go!”

sfunnle (www.sfunnle.com), a growing Pune based marketing start-up launched its mobile app: sfunnle – On the Go! at ISODA’s 7th tech summit in Ho Chi Minh city today. This will enable sfunnle’s customers to follow through their leads in real time preventing the leads from falling between the cracks.

With over 250 registered lead publishers, sfunnle today generates leads for customers spanning across IT spectrum from end-points, thin clients, workstations, servers, storage, security and back-up technologies.

The B2B Marketing Trends report from LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Group, highlights three principal trends in Technology Lead Generation:

  1. Increasing the quality of leads ranks as the topmost priority for a majority (68%)
  2. 59% put generating high-quality leads to be their biggest lead-gen challenge
  3. Lack of resources, such as staff, funding and time, remains the biggest obstacle to successful B2B lead generation for 61% respondents.

Interestingly, the top challenge matches the top priority of increasing lead quality. This indicates a bigger trend towards quality over quantity.

“Generating Quality Leads with clear ROI is the challenge that sfunnle addresses” said Sneahaal Kulkarni, Head of Operations at sfunnle. “Being an open platform with an intelligent engine and a wellthought user interface helps sfunnle to get our customers right leads at the right time” she added.

‘sfunnle’ is a new generation platform that promises to deliver:

  1. High Quality Sales Leads: You get context based leads from customer facing teams processed through an intelligent analytics based engine. Thus conversion probability with these leads is very high.
  2. At Low Upfront Costs: The only upfront cost you bear is for the subscription which considerably reduces your capital expenditure on lead generation.
  3. On Pay-As-You-Go basis: You pay only for the leads you buy on the platform. This model helps you get leads on demand thereby giving you flexibility to decide your investments on lead-gen.

“India’s technology demand generation market presents over $5 billion opportunity over the next three years. sfunnle’s innovative business model and a platform centric approach puts it at the right place to address this opportunity” said Binod Kumar Panda, an industry veteran who joined sfunnle recently as Growth Hacker.

Considering the shift in marketer’s priorities and challenges, ‘sfunnle’ surely provides a fresh perspective to lead generation taking out from marketer’s head the complexities involved with traditional methods.

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