Queen of Dax

JOB PROFILE: Working with Dax Networks for more than 17 years now,
Subhashini Prabhakar, is one of the successful women players in the
industry today. The lady is responsible for performing a number of tasks,
including marketing, product evaluation, vendor negotiation, and vendor
relationship management. She is also involved in a bit of sales.

Today, Dax is India’Â’s foremost value-added services and solution
provider of networking products. All Dax products are positioned well
and work in synergy with Cisco, Nortel and Juniper. Customers highly
value Dax ‘1-payment guarantees 3-years performance’ maxim and
‘Specify Dax’ as their preferred networking product choice.

Apparently it is Prabhakar’Â’s first job wherein she joined as a service
engineer, and now she holds the position of a CTM at Dax. She made
a straight entry from college and claims that it has been an enjoyable
journey so far. “Dax is an equal opportunity employer. The challenges and
the ladder for growth are always thrown at you. It is up to the individual
to take or leave it. I took the ladder and managed to climb it,” says

CHALLENGES: “I always wanted to be an independent working women
and I did electronics and telecommunication engineering. I am fortunate
to have an employer who does not follow gender discrimination. There
were many challenges that came my way by virtue of being a woman.
It is a question of how one manages and overcomes it. As part of my
job, I was required to do a lot of traveling, but I never hesitated,” says

When it comes to handling external customers, Prabhakar says that
she has never had any issues with it. According to her, as a country, India
has come a long way, and women are now being respected and accepted
as professionals. She always believed that her performance will speak
for herself and she will earn respect for her work. “The ambiance in our
office helps to a great extent, and respect for people is part of our office
culture. There is no bureaucracy and we always encourage employees at
all level, to speak out their mind; and any personnel issues are quickly
addressed. This kind of environment helps in bridging communication
gaps. I donÂ’t hesitate to take the first step in reaching out to male
colleagues who are peers or work at lower posts,” adds Prabhakar.

STRENGTHS: Prabhakar has been optimistic throughout her career.
Even when she fails to get a deal, she makes sure to follow-up with
the client and continues to take feedback and suggestions. She
always believes in putting an honest effort into her work and she
does not miss a chance to learn something new, even from her

ROLE MODEL: Prabhakar is inspired by her father in her life. “He
always believed that work is God. I have grown up with that belief.
He encouraged me to be independent right from my school
days. He did not put any restriction when I had to work till late
hours or travel alone to other cities. About 17 years back, the
infrastructure was not so good, as it is now. As a father he played
a dual role of being protective, concerned, yet encouraging me
to move forward and take on challenges,” says Prabhakar.

She also takes pride in appreciating him more now, as she
is a mother of a 9-year-old daughter. “I know how protective
I am when it comes to my daughter. I love my work and I
am passionate about it. I have enjoyed my work throughout.
The challenges of professional life have strengthened me
more as an individual. My family has been a great strength
for me,” says Prabhakar.

HOBBIES: As far as hobbies are concerned, Prabhakar says that she doesn’t have much time for pursuing a hobby. Apart from work, she dedicates all her time to her daughter. “If at all I get some free time, I like watching cricket. I have followed cricket right from my school days. Also, I don’t miss an opportunity to watch a good movie in theater with my family,” adds Prabhakar.

SUCCESS MANTRA: “I love my work and I am passionate about it,” says Prabhakar proudly. The success mantra in her life is ‘Think big and Do big’.

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