Quintype Partners with Gaon Connection to bring information to the rural masses

Quintype Partners with Gaon Connection to bring information to the rural masses, India's first professionally run rural newspaper

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Quintype, a data driven SaaS Platform for the new age digital media backed by the Indian media baron Raghav Bahl, recently announced a partnership with Gaon Connection, India's first professionally run rural newspaper, that aims at bridging the information gap prevalent in rural India. The journal is currently published in Hindi, with plans to add other languages including English in the near future.


Gaon Connection ( rely on Quintype’s publishing platform to expand its reach bytailoring content for itsviewers and buildinga user friendly interface with Quintype’s’ advanced pubtech platform, which offers a one-stop-shop content management solution.

Gaon Connection, covers news from villages, provides information on farming, health, agriculture etc. It aims to address all the information requirements of rural India, including agribusiness, local governance issues, a grounds up student community journalism initiative under Project Swayam, sharing of best practices in farming, national / international newsetc. It also aspires to make rural market intelligence available to urban businesses to promote growth and penetrationin the villages, making them more accessible to business.

“Gaon Connection has kick-started a venture that carries social significance,” said Amit Rathore, Founder & CEO, Quintype. “We are excited to be associated with an initiative of this stature that empowers a population deprived of information and current technology.We are equipping them with a data driven publishing platform that enables them to reach their audience and deliver the content that is most suitable to their audience profile”, adds Amit.Furthermore, Quintype’s deep content analytics will help the Gaon Connection editorial team plan their content strategy based upon what appeals to their audience the most.

“India lives in its villages. Gaon Connection endeavours to empower rural citizens by making them better informed andgive a voice totheir concerns. We hope to bring relevant information to the rural audience and help them participate actively in local governance. Partnering with Quintype allows us to focus on the core idea of the initiative, by passing on the technology heavy lifting to the experts”said Neelesh Misra, Founder, Gaon Connection. “Quintype’s support for multiple languages, detailed content analytics, robustpersonalisation &recommendation engine, in built collaboration tools, support for cardified content, templatized story templates, project management suite etc all go a long way in driving productivity in the newsroom. Further, support for Facebook Instant Articles, Google’s AMP (Accelerated Web Pages), Progressive Web Apps will help Gaon Connection improve customer experience, especially in rural India – which is often starved of quality internet access” he added.

Quintype’s pubtech platform has a modern Content Management System, with integrated features for audience development, management & engagement, monetization and business relevant analytics. Quintype’s pubtech platform offers a one-stop-shop solution including editorial planning, support for cardified content, engaging story templates, rich media support, context aware chat & notifications, omni-channel publishing and content personalization for the clients, eliminating the need for an in-house technology support.

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