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RANSOMWARE ALERT: Before you start your computers tomorrow and don’t ‘WannaCry’

*IMPORTANT: before you start your computers tomorrow* : Safeguards for Indian businesses tomorrow in wake of global Cyber attack by RANSOMWARE WannaCry*

The worst is probably over with ‘ accidental hero’ registering the domain name that slowed down global ransomware attacks on Friday 12th May, 2017. But it may not be over. As I have expressed concern today, Sunday, 14th May, 2017:

‘What if’ the registered domain name was an important cog in the wheel to restore data (decrypt data) with decryption key? Remember that millions of patient records are encrypted by the worm. Will the infected computers never be able to decrypt data?

Is that data lost forever?

We will only know tomorrow.

However, Indian businesses must take these precautions to safeguard their businesses from being hit tomorrow, just in case. Follow these steps tomorrow (May 15th, 2017, Monday) morning *before starting office computers (or laptops)*.

Before you start tomorrow

  1. *Power off* all _network switches_ (also called _hubs_ by old-timers).
  2. *Power off* all _Wireless Access Points, Wireless Routers, WiFi Range Extenders_, whether or not they are connected to LAN cables (WiFi Access Points can be connected to other routers and access points wirelessly).
  3. Keep smart TVs, tablets, any other smart devices powered off.
  4. *Turn off* _Bluetooth, WiFi, tethering_ (also known as _Hotspot_) on your *mobile phones*.
  5. For extra precautions, switch off your servers (or any other computers that you may leave on 24×7.
  6. Disconnect LAN (network, CAT6, CAT5) cable plugging computers or laptops in the network. If it is a laptop, it may have a physical slide switch or button press to switch off WiFi card inside the laptop – Switch That Off’.

DO NOT switch on your computers till you do all of the above – not just in parts

*DO NOT* switch on your computers till you do all of the above. If possible do not switch on your computers at all till news of extent of damage and havoc (or no havoc) comes from early risers in the East like Australia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Singapore.

if possible, wait for news from eastern world

Call your IT support company for further instructions. Your IT support and services company may not be able to service you immediately if the extent of damage across the country is on a vast scale so sit tight… go watch Bahubali in cinema halls.

Wait till your computers are declared fit and / or sanitised.

Kshitij Kotak is a data safety expert dealing with all aspects of data protection, security, servers, data backup, disaster recovery and IT consulting and with 24 years of experience, a few of those years as CTO. He is Chief Innovation Officer having led development of Blackbox Data Safe, license free server, backup and disaster recovery system.Kshitj Kotak

He can be reached on ceo@fortunepc.com

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