Rapid Fire Interview with Lalit Singh, Co-Founder & CTO, Meraqui

In a Rapid Fire Interview with DQ Channels, Lalit Singh, Co-Founder & CTO, Meraqui shared his personal and professional vitae.

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Rapid Fire Interview

In a Rapid Fire Interview with DQ Channels, Lalit Singh, Co-Founder & CTO, Meraqui shared his personal and professional vitae.


Meraqui is a digital blue-collar and gig workforce management platform. With a 'candidate first' approach, Sheldon, our JobBot, works incessantly with candidates from hire to retire. Started 2.5 years ago, Meraqui is today working with many top-notch clients for their end-to-end 'recruitment and managing' needs while in parallel, it is subtly acquiring a confident role for the candidates and associates.

Home is in: Thane

School/college:  BIT Sindri (Engg), NITIE Mumbai (MBA)


Company: Meraqui

Family: Shivani, my wife; Akshita, my 11 years old daughter; parents

I would like to be reborn as: Lalit Singh J


Most memorable event of my life: Birth of my daughter

With my first pay cheque: Donated for a higher cause

Idol in life: My spiritual guru, Sadguru Swatantra Deo Ji


Can't live without: My Morning Meditation

Favorite Gadget: iPad Mini 6

Favorite book: The Power of Now


Work-out regime: Mix of Yoga, Walking & Swimming

Hobby: Meditation, Reading Books

Favorite holiday destination: Mauritius


Favorite food: South Indian Thali

I can't stand: Reckless attitude

Social Media preference: Whatsapp


Best compliment I ever received: You are not just a person; you are an institution

Car I drive: Honda City

Motto in life: Exhibit contagious passion for transformation.

Advice to budding entrepreneurs: Believe in what you believe in; not what others around you believe in.

Like to watch on Television: Sci-Fi & Patriotic Movies

The cause I care for: Employment. Sustained livelihood is the only permanent solution.

One thing I would like to change in myself: Confidence blurred with Over-confidence. I strongly believe in what I know and believe in. Sometimes it crosses the boundaries, is the feedback I have received from some friends.

5 years down the line I would be: A happy, healthy individual in body and mind space, who has created a fulfilment-layered workforce marketplace that is rapidly changing the job dynamics and helping solve the unemployment problem of India immensely.

If not in the IT industry, I would be: In the human resources space trying to bridge the gap between job and jobless.