Rapid Fire Interview - Shanti Kurupati, Director of Product Development, Go-To-Market Technology, Intuit

Rapid-fire interview with DQ channels, Shanti Kurupati, Director of Product Development, Go-To-Market Technology, Intuit shared her vitae.

Bharti Trehan
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Rapid Fire Interview Shanti Kurupati Director of Product Development Intuit 1

Rapid Fire Interview Shanti Kurupati Director of Product Development Intuit 1

In a rapid-fire interview with DQ channels, Shanti Kurupati, Director of Product Development, Go-To-Market Technology, Intuit shared her personal and professional vitae.


My home is in: My hometown is the spicy city of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, where even the air feels like a hot sauce. However, now I call Bangalore my home as my family and I have lived here for many years

School/college: I studied in Adarsha Vidya Peetam for schooling and JNTU for college and both places are where I met some of the best teachers and friends in my life

Company: Currently, I work at Intuit, where I get to be part of a team that helps small businesses grow.


My family: In my family, we have a diverse blend of personalities. There are three strong-willed girls, including myself and my two daughters, while my husband is a quieter, more reserved individual.

I would like to be reborn as: If I could be reborn, I would still choose to be myself - hopefully with an upgraded metabolism!

Most memorable event of my life: The most unforgettable moment of my life thus far is undoubtedly the first experience of becoming a mother. This life-changing event has given me the confidence and strength to believe that I can conquer any challenge and achieve anything I set my mind to


With my first paycheque: I was so overwhelmed that I don't even remember what I did with it!

Idol in life: My idol in life is actually my little 8-year-old, who never runs out of energy and can boss around anyone in the house.

Can't live without: I can't live without food and people. Both provide nourishment for the soul.


Favorite Gadget: My favorite gadget is definitely my phone, which serves as my personal assistant and entertainment center.

Favorite book: My favorite book changes frequently, but right now, it's the bedtime stories I read to my kids every night.

Work-out regime: While I love aerobics, my current workout regime consists of making small lifestyle changes like taking 8 flights of stairs to the office.


Hobby: My hobbies include cooking, indulging in delicious food, singing, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite holiday destination: I love holiday destinations that are surrounded by loving people.

Favorite food: Hot piping rice, dal, and lots of ghee with papad is my go-to comfort food.


I can't stand: People who are inauthentic. I also do not appreciate the quality of not being able to embrace new ideas or perspectives.

Social Media Preference: While I don't spend much time actively contributing to social media, I do use it as a source of learning and staying up-to-date with current events and industry trends.

The best compliment I’ve ever received: The best compliment I ever received was when someone told me I have a unique aura that sets me apart.


The car I drive: The car I drive is a Mercedes - because I believe in treating myself.

Motto in life: My motto in life is to always choose kindness over intelligence.

Advice to budding entrepreneurs: My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to embrace failure and learn from mistakes.

Like to watch on Television: I love watching anything that makes me laugh on television.

The cause I care for: I'm passionate about championing the cause of women at work and giving back to society.

One thing I would like to change in myself: One thing I'd like to change about myself is my inability to stick to a workout routine.

5 years down the line I would be: Five years from now, I hope to be living my best life and never running out of fuel.

If not in the IT industry, I would be: A good chef and spend my days experimenting with flavors and making people happy through food.

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