Raritan introduces Inline-Meter Rack PDUs

DQC Bureau
New Update

Raritan introduced a new family of smart inline power meters to its

intelligent rack power distribution and energy management portfolio. The new

Dominion PX-3000 Series is targeted at datacenters that want to easily add

power, energy, and rack environment data collection capabilities to stand-alone

IT equipment or racks containing basic rack power distribution units (PDUs). The

four new Dominion PX-3000 inline power meters, as well as all of Raritan's

intelligent rack PDUs, come with built-in monitoring, security and networking

capabilities. The PX-3000 inline power meters are designed to be used in

conjunction with dumb rack PDUs to provide comprehensive strip-level metering

and easily deployed environmental monitoring. The PX-3000 Series also is

intended to power stand-alone equipment with dedicated circuits, such as large

network switches, storage arrays, and mainframe computers.

The Dominion PX-3000 gathers extensive power information, including data on

voltage, current, power factor, apparent power, active power, and kilowatts per

hour energy consumption. It also provides room temperature and humidity

information through optional plug-in sensors. To make it easy for datacenter

operators to view power activity, real-time information can be seen with a local

display at the rack and from a remote graphical user interface (GUI) via a web