Rashi gives a new Stimulus to The DIY PC ecosystem in India.

With the advent of mobile computing there seems to be a perception of DIY market slowing down. While this may be true to some extent, the converse is the advantage of a DIY PC. Needless to say that DIY PC provides the consumer a wide range of configuration to choose from, that can be easily upgraded over time, to ensure better performance for a longer period of time all this at lower costs.

With support of vendors like INTEL, ASUS, TOSHIBA, CRUCIAL, ECS, LOGITECH, Rashi is determined to swim against the tide and continue efforts to instill confidence in DIY partners. Thus Rashi has launched a programme code named 4P to activate and motive partners especially the DIY retailers.  After years consumers will now be able to see Demo DIY PC at a retail space where they can experience the solution and then ask for configuration that suit their requirement.

Rashi under the 4P Program “Proud to Promote Personalized PC” has identified 150 Retailers across 75 cities based on the collective obsession of these partners to highlight the advantages of a Personalized PC. The stores would be equipped with marketing tools such as Danglers, Posters, stickers and other eye catching merchandise. Not only are the shops getting a makeover, but the selling skills of the Retailers too are being up-skilled, with programs for the retailers coupled with customized schemes, the partners are sure to be on the winning edge during the festive season. The activity commenced in August will carry on till October. These stores would also be equipped with demo machines to highlight the advantages that a personalized PC enjoys – over a branded PC.

“People have unique tastes and so are their choices, some prefer speed to efficiency, some wish to stack a PC on the roof while some would like to conceal it in a drawer, or mount it behind the monitor . With the ability to customize the components at any point of time a user can have a machine that can never be out of date. Like Architect, Film Studio, Doctors, Designers, Engineering students, Gamers has different and unique requirement towards performance, cooling, Design etc. which can be fulfilled with personalized PC at very low cost.

“With a month already in the scheme, we have seen a positive shift in demand for Personalized PC’S, I can personally recall reading a testimony sent in by one of our retailer, when his customer opted for a Personalized PC as an outcome of his interaction with the DEMO PC.” – Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals.

“These schemes and the additional support are really helping me increase my PC sales, I am glad to be associated with Rashi whose commitment and Support for us PC sellers hasn’t deterred” – Recon Computer, Aurangabad.

The activity hopes to highlight the flexibility and the ability to customize the Personalized PC at an affordable price. With schemes designed to not only benefit the partners, but the customers to stand a chance to have the icing on the deal.


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