Rashi introduces LCD PCs

Rashi Peripherals has introduced a compact cordless LCD PC under the brand name of RPTech. The PCs, which are already in the market, are priced at Rs 77,000 for the default configuration of Intel P III 733 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, ASUS – CUSL2-M motherboard, 20 GB HDD, ASUS 50X CDROM drive, Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse. However, the barebone is priced at Rs 50,000 and can be built to order. Accordingly the prices will change depending on the configuration.

All components of this PC are designed to fit within the monitor’s casing. Says Rajesh Goenka, Divisional Head, Rashi Peripherals, “Our target audience is mainly the corporates who want a tangle free or cordless office and performance-based class.”

The LCD PC works just like a full-functional PC. The only difference is an LCD, which replaces the CRT monitor. The LCD PC does not have any hanging wires outside, since the keyboard and mouse work through a cordless interface.

Rashi will soon be launching special schemes to promote this product. Presently, it is being sold through the existing channel partners. According to Rajesh, the company hopes to sell 600 units by December.

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