Rashi Peripherals takes over Zeta Technologies' agency operations

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Mumbai-based national distributors Rashi Peripherals has merged Mumbai-based

national distributor Zeta Technologies' agency operations. A memorandum of

understanding to this effect was signed between the two companies, where in

Rashi gets the distribution right for the product currently being distributed by

Zeta. The brands include: Plextor, Altec Lansing, Edifier and Asus.


Rashi will manage the product stocks, marketing and pending warranty of Zeta

Technologies. The sales responsibility and commercial ownership will go to the

respective accounts.

According to company officials, Rashi with its extensive reach, strong

marketing skills and ideal service setup, and Zeta with its focused and niche

market approach, will bring better business opportunities to channels. "Rashi

has been looking for a good speaker brand to strengthen its product portfolio.

Altec Lancing with its reputation fits perfectly into our portfolio," said

Suresh Pansari, MD, Rashi Peripherals, elaborating on the agreement.


Plextor, Altec Lansing, 

Edifier brands to be under the Rashi Peripherals umbrella


Commenting on the development, Rajiv Shah, Director, Zeta Technologies, said,

"Business will run as usual, and infact will improve with the strength and

experience of Rashi Peripherals." Zeta Technologies, which used to be a

leading distributor for many products in the past, was going a little slow with

its distribution business lately with only four brands at its disposal.

The company, which has 14 branch offices across India, however, was more

focused on its latest venture called Asia Powercom Company (APCL). APCL is a

joint venture between Zeta Technologies and Taiwan-based UPS and inverter

manufacturer Powercom. It is learnt that Zeta will continue to use

its infrastructure, manpower and branch offices for APCL's activities.

The new set up will give Rashi three more brands to sell in addition to its

existing line up of Asus, AMD, Compex, IBM, Logitech, Microtek, Netgear, Ozaki,

Pixelview, Sony and XFX. "It is a win-win situation for both distributors

and also for channels as both would focus on their niche market segments without

any conflict," added Suresh.

Rashi, with an agency revenue of Rs 164 crore and 33 branches, is the 10th

largest national distributors in the country according to the DQCI Silver Club

listing. This acquisition will surely place them at a much higher level in terms

of revenue and product line.