RCTA President opens retail outlet in Rajkot

DQC Bureau
New Update

Rajkot: Kalpesh Rughani, President, Rajkot Channels Trader Association (RCTA) opened a new retail outlet in Rajkot recently. The 2000sq ft store will offer a wide range of products from HP, Dell, Sony and Zenith.


“Distribution and retail go hand in hand and currently market is moving towards the retail sector. So I think this is the best time to open the outlet,” said, Kalpesh Rughani, President, RCTA. Co-located with the outlet is also the demo center where customers will get live presentation of the products. It is a one-storey retail outlet which is spacious and convenient for the customers to check-out the products.

“I have observed that, there are very few outlets which allow the customers to personally feel the products, so I feel this demo center will be the best way to interact with the consumers and understand the technical problem faced by them,” added Rughani.

According to him this outlet is the biggest one in Saurashtra and will satisfy the technical needs of the consumers. In order to attract the consumers Rughani will be holding small events like lucky draw competition, distributing freebies like pendrives, headphones and vacuum cleaners along with the products.

In order to concentrate on the education sector, Rughani will be offering discounts and distributing back-packs to the students who purchase the products.

“For marketing, we will go with pamphlet insertions in the newspapers, announcements on the local radio channels and display hoardings in Rajkot,” concluded Rughani.