Red Hat Expands Container-Native Storage for OpenShift across the Hybrid Cloud

Red Hat, Inc. has announced a new container-native storage solution aimed at extending the portability of containerized applications across the hybrid cloud. The new solution offers consistent, software-defined storage for stateful applications using Red Hat Gluster Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As more enterprises deploy containers in production – and with many of them using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform – the need for a dynamic, consistent storage platform that works across operating environments becomes vital for containerized applications, an area where many traditional storage appliances fall short. Red Hat’s vision is to enable customers to build any application and to deploy them consistently across any footprint. With this news, Red Hat is expanding the availability of Red Hat Gluster Storage for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in AWS environments, helping to enable true portability of containerized applications with consistent storage.

Red Hat Gluster Storage is software-defined storage integrated with and optimized for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive Kubernetes-based platform for cloud-native application development. Red Hat Gluster Storage can be deployed anywhere Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform runs – across bare metal, containers, virtual machines, and private and public clouds – offering consistent storage for users and developers of containerized applications. In addition, storage provisioning and deployment is automated by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, offering self-service access to developers and users.

Red Hat’s solution for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.5 with Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.2 on AWS is detailed in a new detailed reference architecture. In addition, Red Hat offers an Ansible Playbook for constructing a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster on AWS with container-native Red Hat Gluster Storage to help customers become operational more quickly.


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