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How Relevant is Digital Marketing for IT Partners? Some Thoughts

Digital Marketing is very important for the Partners to learn about. IT Partners are essentially resellers of various categories for the IT hardware, software, IT Platforms and the emerging tech solutions such as AI, IoT, ML and Cloud solutions.  Without  marketing there  can be no sale. Hence, it is very important for the IT Partners to keep on refreshing their sales and marketing skills by taking  training programmes to stay in tune with the changing times.

Recently Tally gave one such training programme to Partners.  Following are some results –

  • One of the partner from Faridabad has seen a   200% increase in website traffic and increased lead generation
  • A   Partner from Raipur generated 30% revenue by connecting with customers through digital platforms like YouTube, Quora and GBM and provide customized solutions which helped customers as well
  • Another Partner from Kerala generated 81% leads though digital means.

Following are the comments issued by Partners –

“We learnt a lot, which will help us to engage with our audience. With the google analytics report we know about the audience, who are visiting our website. Good knowledge about website keyword, heading & Title etc. For You tube, knowledge about YouTube studio, thumbnail & making video via Canva was good.”

–Tarun Kumar, Act Computers


“Though we knew of the social media sites available, the right way of using the tools was lacking. As a business we need to adhere to the business principles along with digital & social media usage as well. It was very encouraging and insightful what we learnt.”

–Vikramaditya Reddy, EBIZ Technix.Com

There are different kinds of digital marketing programmes available online and one can learn about digital marketing without spending a large amount of money on this. There are many programmes which come free of cost. A simple search in Google can show it.   There are entire training programmes developed by some EU companies which are completely free and give a certificate of completion in addition to the guiding material which one can use in future.


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