Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO, REVE Antivirus

REVE Antivirus expands in North East Region of India

REVE Antivirus, a Next-generation IT Security provider today announced that it has launched its range of IT Security Products in the North East region of India adding Assam and Meghalaya to the distribution list. The northeast market is the new addition of REVE Antivirus after its expansion in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra,  West Bengal, Punjab, and Haryana to name a few.

REVE Antivirus CEO, Sanjit Chatterjee comments on this new market expansion, “We are quite happy to make our range of IT Security Suite available in the North East Market – Assam & Meghalaya from our complete range of IT Security products that include SoHo and Endpoint Security Solutions.”

In Assam, REVE has its distributors in Guwahati, which is an important commercial hub of the entire region. Apart from official distributors, several resellers are signing up to resell REVE products in the market.

REVE Antivirus 24×7 support team provides dedicated support to customers through Live Chat, Email, and Phone. Onsite support is also specially provided for B2B clients. REVE  also offers fully managed services for SMEs, who do not have sufficient or trained manpower to manage an advanced Endpoint Security Solution.

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