Reward And Reprimand Go Hand In Hand

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Attrition, especially in the younger section of the workforce, is a huge

cause of concern. It can be overcome, if companies strategically design their

organizational structure to appeal to the youth. They should be given

opportunities to grow. But at the same time, the management should not be fully

dependent on them


The credit for the consistently high performance of my company, KK Software

Solutions, goes mostly to the dedicated efforts of my employees. They have the

potential to take any challenge with full spirit. That is why, like most

solution providers, I do my best to ensure that they continue to work with me.

Most of my employees have been working with me for the last five to six

years. Nowadays most enterprises have been facing the problem of attrition.

Fortunately my company has not been affected with this virus as I give ample

opportunity to my employees to grow and nurture their talent.

Why youth skip jobs

I believe that the most common reason for attrition is that young people are
always in hunt of good opportunities and a fat salary. With the substantial

spurt in the living standards in metros as well as in upcountry cities, the

younger generation wants to earn more in a shorter time period. This is

primarily the reason behind frequent job switches.


The younger section of the manpower might be lured by big brands and fancy

pay packages for which they keep moving over to new places. But at the end of

the day they remain dissatisfied. They always find the grass greener on the

other but when they reach there, it is a mirage.

Attrition to some extent is good for companies. Because during the

recruitment process, you are likely to come across some bright and talented

people. This can be very helpful in taking the company to the new heights of


Controlling attrition

While attrition is a fact in today's business scenario, it can be handled in a
way that it does not become detrimental to the company's overall functioning.

The thumb rule is not to be too reliant on one single person too much. A company

is affected by attrition most when it does not have full control over the

working methodology of their people.


I do not follow a particular HR policy to retain my employees. I give

considerable amount of annual increment to all my employees irrespective of

their performance. However, those who perform better obviously get additional

increment. I have adopted two measures to motivate my employees to perform

better and that is giving additional cash to good performers on regular basis

and appreciating them for their innovative thoughts.

Practice control

While selecting new people for the company, the things I look for in their
resume are educational qualification, knowledge in the field and technical

expertise. One important thing that I make sure while appointing new people is

the rate of their switching to new jobs. This is because you can never be sure

that the person will not ditch and run from your company as well.

Since we deal with foreign companies, we have to make sure that our employees

are technically qualified to compete with them.


New age philosophy

I have devised a philosophy of three Cs for doing business. I have now

extended it to my employees in my fold as well. This can be elaborated as

convince if possible, confuse if necessary and corrupt if nothing else works.

I always pass one message to all my employees and that is to make fair

commitment to clients and adhere to whatever you have committed. One should

never step back unless the target is achieved and make full efforts to reach the

pinnacle. I believe that it is the zeal to excel and competency that makes an

employee an asset of the company.

KK Jha

The author is CEO of KK Software Solutions, New Delhi