Rising of the Smart Class Education - An Opportunity for Channel Partners

There is an increasing demand in the smart class peripheral domain. Tier II or Tier III cities are the main focus of this field.

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Rising of the Smart Class Education An Opportunity for Channel Partners

Smart Class Peripherals - Interactive boards and projectors among others, are a part of smart education. In recent times, we have seen an uprise in the use of technology in the education sector. 


This sector was gaining popularity before Covid-19 hit globally. Due to the lockdown, Educational institutions like schools and colleges remained shut down for a very long period of time. But, now as we have left behind the Covid; most schools have again started functioning normally. 

As per the market reports, there is a hike in demand for smart-class peripherals.

Taiwanese brand BenQ and our homegrown VAMAA are the top providers in the smart classrooms domain. 


In an exclusive interview with DQ channels, Anant Agarwal, Director, Supreme Global Trading Private Limited, VAMAA, said, “After Covid-19 we have seen a rise in the sales of smart class peripherals. As schools have started functioning like pre covid times, the government has also started taking an interest in developing government schools and introducing smart education in their schools.” 

“Metro cities have already seen the boom in smart education. Now, Tier II and Tier III are joining the bandwagon and seeing an uprise in the demand for interactive boards, projectors, whiteboards, and other smart class peripherals,” he added. 

Rise in the Smart Class Sector Across India


When the concept of smart classes was launched in India; a genuine misconception was formed that only the Elite and Premier schools would have access to this concept. Apparently, in a short span of time, this was changed and now smart classes are the new revolution in the education domain.

With smart classes, students are learning their concepts through new interactive ways. Education has now come out of the books and is interacting with the students. From the business point of view, this has helped various IT channel partners as they are fulfilling the demands of the schools for their smart class peripherals. Joining the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., cities in the heart of India for instance, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, and Ankleshwar. 

To understand the market prospects we have talked to IT channel partners from different cities. Sugreev Singh Ranawat, President of RCTA and Company head of Super Sonic Rajshree Systems has shared, “Apart from the regular demand for Laptops and printers. Likewise, there is a steep rise in the demand for interactive boards, projectors, and other peripherals. More and more schools are adopting smart classes as a new way of educating students.”


Steel City Jamshedpur is Jamshedpur is not far behind. In an exclusive chat, Amitabh Vidyarthy from Vidas Technologies stated, “Like any other metro Jamshedpur has also adopted the smart class education. Many IT resellers are benefitted as they deal in various smart-class peripherals. Here, VAMAA as a brand has gained momentum as it records good sales in this sector. ”

A hub of various small-scale industries in Gujarat the tier III city, Ankleshwar is also participating in this boom. Some of the members of ABITA, Ankleshwar shared their views regarding the rise in the sales of IT peripherals concerning smart class education.

Upcoming Sales and Market Cap of the IT Peripherals in the Education Sector


Sales numbers are also favoring the statements of the IT channel partners, “Q1 and Q4 are the most promising quarters for the sales of smart class IT peripherals. In Q1 we receive good business from the side of private schools and in Q4 we receive business from the side of government schools.”

“In the initial days, we used to receive a demand of 10,000 units of projectors in a year. Gradually, it increased and reached 2,50,000 units last year. This year we are expecting it to reach 500,000 units. Under the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan scheme the government is promoting digital education and this number is only going to rise in the coming years.” he added.

Moreover, an international brand like BENQ is also registering good sales in the education domain. Furthermore, these numbers are suggesting good business prospects for the IT channel partners. They can encash this opportunity by expanding their reach in the smart class peripheral domain.

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