Romeo Misao, ViewSonic: “Our strategy is basically to make sure we amplify”

Romeo Misao, Marketing Manager, ViewSonic outlines his product and marketing strategies

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Romeo Misao, Marketing Manager, ViewSonic outlines his product and marketing strategies.


What are the current product lines of ViewSonic?

In the span of six to eight months when we look at the product line, we have launched a series of 4k ultra HD projectors which are some of the most affordable in the market and launched the 4k projectors which are the currently there most

brightness home projectors that is one.

When you look at interactive flats, we have 50 series which is not vended locked so basically means Google, Microsoft of all the platforms. We are able the access all the platforms, which is not possible in any other flat panel display right now. So these are some of the hero products which we have launched. Still, we have three products line only


1- LCD

2- Interaction flat panel displays

3- Projectors

Where do you see more traction, education or entertainment?

Education right now. Education is one segment in which we work a lot on. And it's the segments, which projectors work a lot on. There are a lot of, whole sells pitch happens with most schools. To be honest, schools also approaches. Because schools would like to at the solutions which provide the best price and best service with the best features. So R&D is strong compared to our competitors. so seems we would like to ambulate success in American education in the projectors business. We also try to amulet with the same features. We bring those same projectors in India. The

automatically the leads also come across.


When we talk about entertainment we have a number of tie-ups with our partners who do a lot of home theatre setups. They buy a lot of projectors for watching sports at home like cricket, FIFA. So that’s where people look for 4k projectors, full HD projectors. So 4K is a price point of you get full HD projectors. Why not just get a 4k projectors that where 4K projectors work for us.

Which are the Government projects ViewSonic has collaborated in?

Won’t be allowed to share that, but yes, they come in huge numbers. I would still say when we use the corporate rights, somehow the name like Tata, Reliance are the once that take the projectors.


What is your channel strategy?

We believe in building a lot of channels structures so when we say channel, we have IT marketers and whole showroom partners strategy so even when we say showroom. It would not be something like Chroma or Reliance. It's not sales base products, to be honest. So when we said we have exclusive partners all over India that do only full HD home set up theatres. That where the people actually go and buy also.

What is ViewSonic's market share?


I would not be able to give you the specific number but we from the last we have grown three times. So that’s why huge achievements for us. I think Projectors is one dial which is pushing us then comes Video wall. And I would say, six to eight months ago, we were on the 13th place, now we are usually in top 5 Because other brands also would have ten-time numbers of manpower but then again.

ViewSonic might not have the manpower as big as other company but our products have proved that they are of good quality. Because we have in-house R&D in California. We don’t have one in India because there in California they have an established market so they are able to understand what we don’t need to do in India. Some of the competitive brands their R&D is China or Taiwan.

For LCD what will be your market share?


LCD, the market is very fluctuating, to be honest. There is no one always going to stay on top because it's not in terms of the price there are a lot of certifications. LCD has the more numbers of certifications right now. For every feature, every certain dimension the govt always ask because you know because let say X brands they want to do a 32 inch then required the certain certificates, specific certifications so one day would be one the top as we on the top. but in the current market, I would say.

When you would say market share if you look overall, I can give you a certain number right now. For 15 inch we are pretty popular like top 3 but in touch, TD series touch which would go to Kiosk. So a lot of these corporate a lot of the restaurant. we do have a lot of kiosks, a lot of billing counter, They take up the monitors. In fifteen in touch, we are pretty very popular.

What are your main focus areas for the next 1 year ?


We have a huge list of relay exciting innovative products. So our strategy is basically to make sure we amplify.

Which are the areas for these products?

Education is the number one area actually we are looking Education-schools/Govt. Then comes to Corporates, then I would say consumers. So we have the products every segments right now. so we don’t want to neglect one segment. We would like to work in each segments. we want to do strong partners.

Since six to eight months you have grown three times. So again next year what are the expecttions?

Yes, we do expect. I would say a lot of challenge in the market. Because a lot of brands are similar price point so its a consent matter is always to make sure we have the best features

Did the GST impact viewsonic sales?

I thinks its impact everyone, not just brands. It is on every individuals. It does. But then again the consumer is also kind of they also adjust somehow because they are also going through the gap.

How is the impact on sales ?

I would not say entirely but yes there was some point where I would say everyone has to kind go to price overall. Every one had to because you can’t give the same price. because that would be illegal again.

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